Lechal Shoes: An Eye for The Visually Challenged!

Lechal‘ is a Hindi word which means “Take me there.” It is the smart-shoe that helps you to navigate to your selected destination. You don’t even need to see the smartphone to reach the destination. It is pretty helpful for a normal person. But have you ever thought about visually challenged people that dream to see the nature and want to feel it? Ask yourself that what you can do for them to turn their dreams into reality? The latest technologies have proven that everything is possible if you think in a right way.

With the release of smart-shoe in the market, the blind people might have a new exposure as it has the capability to show the way by navigation. This will surely help them to find the right path no matter where they want to tread. This smart-shoe is developed by two Indians named Anirudh Sharma and Krispian Lawrence, Co-founders of Ducere technologies. Their innovative thinking was beyond expectations and as a result they developed ‘Lechal shoe’ and its app.

Initiative behind this release is if you buy a pair of shoe at the same time a pair of shoe will be donated to the visually challenged person. Now let us see what all Lechal shoe consists of:

Lechal Smartshoe


This shoe connects with your smartphone by a Bluetooth application and helps you to navigate. Lechal shoes are pretty comfortable and easy to carry. With multitasking capabilities, this shoe is one of the best wearables till date. The battery is expected to be in the rear cuff of the shoe and the haptic feedback module is placed in the heel. These Lechal shoes will be available in two colors i.e. red and black.

Insoles: From sole to phone:

Insole is used to transmit the data from the shoe to your smartphone app. This insole can fit in almost all the shoes of yours. When this insole is inserted into the shoe, it acts as an interactive haptic footwear. When it comes to transmitting the data, Bluetooth energy is used.

Lechal Insoles

Snap & hear the battery:

With this smart shoe you also get amazing battery charger. It is the first interactive charger by which you can snap your fingers and listen to the battery status as an audio feedback. Lechal charger also comes with USB charger for all portable devices.

This is all about the parts of the shoe, now let us see some of the extravagant features of this smart wear:


The navigation option will guide you all the way once you select your destination through Lechal app. The navigation system uses GPS to find the way. After heading towards your destination, if the next turn is right, right shoe will vibrate and if the direction is left, left shoe will vibrate. This makes it easy to find the direction without seeing your smartphone.

Lechal Shoe Navigation

Stay fit:

Lechal shoes are capable of counting the steps you walk and shows you the calories burnt. This can give you a clear idea about the amount of calories that you have burnt all day. You can set your targets or create custom sessions through the app. It can help you in maintaining your fitness.

Notification and interactions:

No matter at what place you are, this app receives notifications of every single landmark and can set the destination according to your requirement. It also allows you to tag the locations, start or stop the navigation system and many more. You can do all these by just few gestures with your smart-shoe or by voice commands through Lechal app.

Besides these features, it can also identify the objects on the way and can warn you about them. This feature is a god gift for the blind people.

This shoe is not just for earning or marketing the firm, but the founders Lechal shoe are running an initiative for the blind people. Whenever you buy a pair of shoe, one pair will be subsidized to the visually challenged people. This way, you can make the contribution for the less fortunate.

As this shoe is an app based device, the owners of the company have decided to develop the final app at the earliest. With this all the developers will fancy their chances to develop amazing wearable applications for Lechal shoe!

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