Lenovo Is Now Competing Google with Its M100 Glasses!

Lenovo has decided to launch its first smart glass in the form of Vuzix M100 by the end of October. As Google Glass is already conquering the market with some amazing features, it will be not that easy for Lenovo to carve its niche in the present scenario.

Lenovo M100

Lenovo is also developing another glass named as C1 which will be unveiled after the release of M100. It is expected to release with unique wearable applications never seen before. Know about some of them:

Important dates:

Its all about wearable these days and the company is planning to leave behind Google in this modern market. It was long back in 2012, when Lenovo announced that it will develop a smart glass but the talk was suppressed by the year 2013. The latest news are, the company CEO has disclosed on 27th June that the the glass will be released in the month of October.

M100 went viral:

As soon as the news were announced they went viral and now the technology freaks are expecting Lenovo to invent better than Google. “This response was more than expected,” said the company’s officials. It was hitting almost all the social media platforms as the top news.

The battery of C1 is to be worn around the neck which is pretty light in weight, so there might not be any issues with that. The developers of the company are working desperately to make glass creative and flexible.

Vizux M100

Features and specifications of M100 Glass:

  • Five megapixel camera

  • 12GB of internal storage

  • Voice recognition

  • Gesture control

  • External battery

  • Light weight etc.

Additionally, it also has a small acrylic prism right in front of the user’s eye. No other specifications or features are known yet, the above ones are just listed from different media platforms. The complete specifications and features of this glass will be unveiled just before its release.


It will be interesting to see how the company will design different prototypes for M100 and C1 glass. Although it will work on Android the functionality will vary when compared to Google glass. These glasses work as similar to the Google glass but the special features of these glasses are not out yet. It will be supporting thousands of android apps, some of them will help you to take pictures, shoot videos and more.

Many wearable app development companies are looking forward to this release. The developers in India have already developed many apps till date and are expecting to extract innovative prototypes to develop new wearable apps.

This is all about the Lenovo M100 glass. C1 specifications will be unveiled soon. Stay tuned…


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