Now Charge Your iPhone In Just 15 Minutes through Ultrapak Battery!

With the increase in the number of applications and gaming options in the store, your iPhone might be filled with number of apps. And at times you might find your phone short of battery life. This is because of all the apps and games that you run on your iPhone which consumes more battery. If you can close all the applications running in the back-end it is well and good. But this doesn’t help to increase your battery levels.

Is your iPhone running out of battery when you desperately need it? Aren’t you getting extended battery life for your mobile even if you shut all your apps? One stop solution for all your battery problems is ‘UNU’s Ultrapak battery’ which charges your iPhone battery within 15 minutes. Isn’t it amazing?

ultrapak battery pack

Have you ever imagined that a battery charging device can charge your iPhone in a quarter-hour? The normal charger can just charge your mobile up to 10-15% in 15 minutes. The developers of UNU have stated that, “There are problems of quick battery discharge was a global issue, but we have developed such a useful device which will amaze you with its charging speed.” Now let us see some more specifications of this fascinating device.

A+ Lithium Polymer: The Super Charging Battery

The capability of charging the iPhone this faster is due to ‘A+ Lithium Polymer’ battery. This super fast charging device relies on Ultra-X technology which is capable enough to give an output power of 31.25 watt. This is 6-7 times bigger in terms of ‘watt’ than the original iPhone charger. The kind of material used in this device produces enough energy and it is efficient enough to produce maximum power.

ultrapak lithium

LCD display to show battery status:

The exterior design is quite amazing with LCD display showing the battery remaining in the device. This LCD screen shows the exact hours of battery so that you can charge the battery accordingly. UNU’s Ultrapak takes less than two hours to get fully charged. It also has an embedded flash light in it so it can be easy to find the sockets in the dark.

Ultrapak Battery Display

Different models:

At present two models are available, one is Ultrapak Tour ($99.99) and another one is Ultrapak Go ($59.99). Tour comes with 10,000mAh and has dual USB support. Ultrapak Go which is the smaller version comes with 3,000mAh. The smaller version is easy to carry as it is pocket-sized while the larger one is more in dimension.

Ultrapak Go and Tour Models

Both the devices are available on the official website and are available for pre-order. But as the demand for this device is extremely high, you have to wait for one month to get it in your hands. Many of them already placed their order, when will you place it?

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