World’s No.1 Smart Travel Guide Jetpac Joins Google!

All the travel lovers were stunned when they heard that Google buys Jetpac for a disclosed amount of price. From now on, world’s no.1 smart travel guide Jetpac has decided to work with Google. The company’s CEO said that, “It’s our pleasure to work with the Google and within no time we will come up with new projects.” He also added that, “We will be removing the Jetpac app very soon and stop the support for few months.”

Jetpac Smart Guide

On 18th of August, it was clear that Google was buying Jetpac for a disclosed price and Jetpac CEO is looking forward to work with the leading search engine in the world. It is not yet clear how Google is going to utilize the Jetpac app. There are rumors that the leading search engine will use the travel guide and reviews in the Google maps.

jetpac joins google

There are many travel booking app development firms similar to Jetpac all over the world. These firms provide apps that give the users with the review of happening tourist places and hotels. Well, for Jetpac it is important to maintain the algorithm updated in order to add new guides.

Jetpac started its journey in 2011, and it covers the guides of more than 6,000 cities all over the world. With the help of the Jetpac iOS app, you can get all the reviews of any particular place, suggestions about the best places,high resolutions photographs etc. You can also save your favorite trips and plan the next trip.

Jetpac City Guides

Most interesting part in the Jetpac app you will come across is it analyzes the photos and the place where it is captured and this is because of neural network technology. It is still unclear that what Google will do with the acquisition. If it will integrate the apps artificial intelligence technology, it will create wonders to Google Maps.

At present you can use Jetpac iOS app but it will be soon vanished from the Apple store. iOS ready application will be available late this year. The iOS app development team is working on this app to integrate new features. Stay tuned for more updates on Jetpac joining Google…


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