3 Major Reasons Why Chromecast Beats Apple TV!

We all are well aware of the fact that Google promised to launch Chromecast in 2014 at a price less than $40 and it has proved to be the best by releasing at a price of just $35 . A thumb-sized digital media player or HDMI dongle is capable of streaming audio/video directly through internet to your TV via Wi-Fi connection. When it comes to Apple TV, it has similar features but has some limitations in many aspects. Let us now see some reasons that why Chromecast is better than Apple TV:

chromecast vs apple tv

Chromecast works with iOS and Android:

As this thumb-sized dongle is capable to run on several operating systems, this makes it easy for every user to use the device in their PC’s or TV’s. Whereas Apple TV is limited to iOS, OS X and Windows desktop devices. Chromecast app development team has made its mark by creating apps that supports almost all the devices. This is where Apple TV is not consistent.

Chromecast- iOS and Android

Variety of apps:

When it comes to Chromecast, the variety of free apps are more than enough for you. But when you talk about Apple TV apps, no doubt the quality and services are better but when it comes to the variety of apps, you need to spend more bucks for iTunes store. Paid apps are available in the iTunes store. Who would spend for the apps for Apple TV those who are available at free of cost when you buy Chromecast.

Chromecast Apps

Price factor:

Last but not the least is the price factor that makes Chromecast to stand on the top. Its price is $35 only. Whereas Apple TV is available at $100. It is almost three times of the Chromecast, so why would you prefer Apple over this cheap and best HDMI dongle.

Chromecast and Apple TV Price

With these many limitations, Apple need to either cut down the costs or get more apps for free. TV apps development is must for Apple TV to get over Chromecast in terms of business in the present market. Well, if you have tons of apps and videos in the iTunes store you might save some bucks but when you buy the Apple TV, you have to spend more.


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