China to Launch Operating System to Take On Apple, Google and Microsoft!

China is now looking forward to challenge Microsoft, Google and Mac by developing an operating system for strong security. Due the increase in cyber crime, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has reported that there is a need of stronger operating system to decrease the cyber crime. It is not yet clear that the operating system will need API development from the outsourcing firms or will be done on their own.

China's New Operating System

After banning windows 8 earlier in the May, China is planning to release this new operating system at the end of the year. Ni Guangnan, the head of OS development, said that “This new OS will be replacing all the present operating systems in the market on desktops by an year or so.” He further added that, “It will also replace the operating systems in mobiles and tablets in 3 to 5 years. This is a blow to the US firms that have offered OS till date.”

China's Secure Operating System

This OS will also be supporting the app store and you will be able to use all those apps after the release. Well, it is not yet clear that this operating system will be only available for Chinese users or all over the world. There are rumours that after the release of one year this will be out in the international market. Ni said that, “The apps supporting the operating system in mobiles will have the functions similar to android applications, in fact much better than them.”

This decision was quite expected as there were no reliable operating systems after the ban on windows 8. In the last decade Chinese developers tried to develop Kylin OS but that was not efficient enough to meet the security issues. Later, the experts developed Ubuntu Kylin in 2013 and this release lived to the expectations to reduce security problems!

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