Vessyl Cup: A Smart Vessel to Count Calories in Your Drink!

Just because you are not sick it doesn’t mean you are healthy” they say. Most of the people often neglect their health due to their busy lifestyle. Those who don’t have time to track their health, use apps like Healthkit from Apple, Fitness fast, EveryMove etc. The health apps development has been on the rise for the past few months and if you have used Healthkit, it gives you the overall record of the calories burnt per day on your iOS device.

Now what if you were told that there is an equipment to measure the intake of calories in your drink per day? Vessyl glass is one such cup that can easily detect the amount of calories present in the drink. This is possible when you fill this smart-glass with any liquid or drink. It is a sensor enabled smart cup which can detect the drink in the glass and it displays the name of the drink on its wall.

Vessyl cup

This device is developed by Mark One and the CEO of the company Lee who said that, “We have been working on this project for 7 years and our team has put in a lot of effort to make this launch successful.” He later added that, “What we consume through our beverages is as important if not more important than tracking the calories we’re burning through exercise and this is just the beginning.”

Now let us see what all this smart-glass can do for you:

Identifies every drink:

It doesn’t matter whether you fill the glass with a red wine, coke, milk or beer, it is capable of identifying every drink. At times, it also displays the brand name of the drink. The team of Mark One has worked together for years to make it possible. The amazing display on the glass walls with the name of the drink is absolutely worth experiencing.

Displays the calories:

Gone are the days when you had to count the calories in your cold drink or beer! Besides displaying the name of the drink, Vessyl glass also displays the amount of calories in the drink. Isn’t that great? You can now easily track the intake of calories per day with the help of it and maintain the intake of calories. Now there is no need for you to panic thinking that you might have an overdose of your drink.

Synchronizes with activity trackers:

This smart-glass is also capable of connecting with the activity trackers and wearables. This is possible with the interface of wearable applications. You can keep a track on the total calories burnt with the help of the activity trackers and their synchronization with Vessyl. This will let you know how much amount of calories you need to take in order to be healthy.


Connects with iOS and Android devices:

Vessyl is open for two major platforms, iOS and Android. It doesn’t matter what kind of smartphone you have, you can use this smart-glass with help of an app. This app gives the real time calculation of sugar, fat and protein present in the drink.

Besides all the above-mentioned features, here are few more:

  • Non-sticky surface

  • Easy to wash

  • Wire-free charging

  • Suggestions to add ingredients like sugar

  • Measures the amount of drink

  • Makes you learn when to take a beverage

At present, Vessyl is available on pre-order at $99 only. But the prices will hike to $200 in retail market when it will be shipped next year. Order it now!

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