Shore App Detects Human Emotions Live through Google Glass!

Are you capable of identifying the emotions when you see the person closely? Can you recognize whether the person is happy or sad or angry with his/her facial expressions? Sometimes you can do it but you might not be accurate every time. But what if you were told that today’s technology can do it accurately.

Shore App, is one of the wearable applications developed by the German scientists to measure human emotions in real time. Fraunhofer Institute in Germany has developed many useful software till date, but this release has proved to be the best of all.

Shore App Detecting Emotions

If you want to experience this shore app and want to detect the real time emotions of your opposite person, you need to install app on your smartphone and leave the rest on the app and Google Glass. Now let us see what all can this app can do when synchronized with smart glass:

Detects the age and gender:

The first thing you will see on the display of the glass will be the age and gender of the person. With the help of this Shore App, it is now possible to detect the age and gender of the person standing in front of Google Glass worn by you.

Detects the emotions:

Most importantly this app is developed to detect the emotions of the people standing in front of the glass. It indicates the emotions by displaying the red mark in the columns of angry, happy, sad and surprised which are seen on the glass. The detection is perfect according to the experts that have reviewed the app.

Displays the image size:

When the glass scans the image, it indicates the width and height of the image on the glass with the help of shore app. It also displays the image count, up-time and frame rate, which are extra features of this app.

The above-mentioned are the mind-blowing features of Shore App develop by Germany’s scientists. This was all possible due to the hard work of wearable apps development team at Fraunhofer IIS. Get the app today and see the difference!


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