Samsung Gear VR: Live An Ultimate Experience of 360° Virtual Reality through Note 4!

When it comes to enjoying the gaming experience or watching a movie, there are only few virtual reality devices out there in the market. Before a year, Oculus collaborated with Samsung to work on a virtual reality device that can run with the help of a smartphone.

After 12 months of persistent efforts put in by the developers of the Samsung and Oculus, ‘Samsung Gear VR‘ powered by Oculus was launched on 3rd September at ‘Unpacked Episode 2’. The enterprise mobility solutions given by the developers of both the companies have made this launch successful.

Samsung Gear VR Oculus

The features of this device are new to all because you might not have experienced a virtual reality through the Note 4. It’s beyond your imagination! With the optical lens in the device you can experience 96° field view in virtual reality. Let us see what’s more special in this device:

Enjoy Smart controls:

When you talk about controlling this device, it is pretty simple. Control the Gear VR by the touch pad on the right corner and the red cursor displayed in the Note 4. There is a ‘Back’ button to navigate. You can also see the volume control buttons on the same side.

Samsung gear vr geek touchpad volume

Feels like a mega screen:

Samsung Gear VR turns into a mega screen when you view it with Note 4. When you watch the movie or play a game, you feel as if you are watching it in 3D surround. It gives you an ultimate viewing experience with 360° virtual reality. The picture quality is in HD and it is 5 times better than the smartphone.

Samsung Oculus VR Apps

Virtual reality apps:

Samsung has joined hands with few brand partners for the app development of Gear VR. The best part about this device is that you can enjoy the VR cinema and VR gaming apps at your best.

The above features make the device an outstanding smart-gear in the present market. Rumors say that this device will be the costliest of all the devices launched at Unpacked Episode 2! Wear the Gear VR and live the virtual reality!


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