Quick Tips to Revive Your iPhone’s Battery Life When Using iOS 8!

After the release of iOS 8, many Apple users have been complaining about the shorter battery life. The experts have found that these battery problems are due to various reasons.

Battery Life of iOS 8

Some of them are due to unnecessary running applications when not in use and some might be due to the way you use it. Well, this is not the first time that you are facing the problems with the Apple OS for iPhones and iPads. Isn’t it? There were many methods to improve the battery life. Here are some of the tips that will help you to enhance the battery life when you use iOS 8 on your Apple devices:

Shut the location app down:

This is where the major amount of battery life is consumed. When you use navigation or maps to track or find a particular location, shut down the app once you reach the destination. It will increase your battery life more than 7% if you switch it off when not in use. You can also customize the application by using the privacy settings. Just click on ‘Settings > Privacy > Location services’. Next, click on ‘while using the app’ and you will be able to use location app while using that particular app.


Background app refresh:

The feature was introduced in iOS 7 itself but many users were not aware that it doesn’t complete the task just by refreshing. You need to switch off the apps as well. If you were not aware of this, take a note of it to extend your battery life when using the iOS 8. When you stop all the apps, it doesn’t mean they can’t be updated later. Launching the apps after the background app refresh will update all the notifications.

Backgroung App Refresh in iOS 8

Turn off the dynamic wallpapers:

Well, this might not be a big issue for you. But when we talk about the battery life, it matters a lot. The dynamic wallpapers and HD themes can really run your battery life to zero within no time! Hence, it is better to get rid of such dynamic wallpapers if you really want to improve the battery life on your latest iPhone 6 or iPad mini.

The above mentioned are the major reasons to pull your battery life down. But you need to note down some of the important points to make it even more efficient than ever before:

  • Charging the iPhone 100% and let it run down to 0% once in a month

  • Disable the automatic updates, motion effects, parallax, unnecessary widgets and unwanted indexing in spotlight search

  • Turn off the push notifications and LTE when not needed

  • Set an auto-lock for few minutes as per your need

  • Shut the Wi-Fi off, when there are no networks available around you

  • Switch on the auto-mode for brightness or lower down the brightness

These are few extra points you need to keep in mind if you want to extend the battery life when using iOS 8. However, one thing is for sure, now the iOS 8 app development companies must design the applications in such a way that they do not consume more battery.

Lets Nurture, an IT firm based in India and United Kingdom has developed several apps for iOS 7 till date which are pretty useful and power efficient too. They are now looking forward to develop iOS 8 apps as this new operating system is used worldwide. Hoping to get some useful and power efficient apps from this firm!


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