Instagram Blocked in China and Hong Kong Due to Pro-democracy Protestors!

Instagram, a direct image messaging service, launched on December 12th, 2013, has been blocked in China and Hong Kong according to various reports. With more than 150 million users worldwide, this social network is the best amongst all. Owned by Facebook Inc, this popular photo-sharing service is now blocked in China and Hong Kong according to the reporters of New York Times.

Instagram Blocked in Hong Kong

Reason behind blocking Instagram:

China and Hong Kong signed an agreement of “One country, two systems,” way back in 1997, when Hong Kong was handed to China. Hong Kong citizens then had the freedom to speak in the assembly and take part in elections too. “But last month, the Chinese legislature ruled that candidates for Hong Kong’s leadership would have to be approved by a Beijing committee,” reported by Mashable.

Will Mak Wing-kai, a student from the Chinese University of Hong Kong explained the New York Times that, “I want the government to be representative, elected by us from our hearts, not by the Chinese government.”

What do the reports suggest?

Reports suggest that the people all around Hong Kong and mainlands in China have protested against this ban. The rise of #OccupyCentral hashtag is viral on all the social media platforms indicating the protest by the people of Hong Kong. As the result, Facebook and Twitter were also banned in the mainlands of China which includes Beijing, Shenzen, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan Province and Heilongjiang Province. But still the Hong Kong users are able to use these social media platforms to post the pro-democracy protestors. WebSitePulse website suggests that, “Instagram is still available for Hong Kong users.”

Instagram blocked in China

78 people were arrested on Sunday and 70 on Saturday during the protests. Almost all the main streets in Hong Kong including Connaught Road, Financial District etc, were blocked by thousands of people overnight. To control this tear gas were released by the police men at the streets.

Now that, the social media platform, Instagram is banned in the mainlands of China, peoples’ protest against the government is at the peak!


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