Blood Monk: An App to Help You Save Lives!

There is no alternative to blood. You can say it is irreplaceable! Moreover, blood is something you hardly get when needed the most. Every drop of blood is important to save the life of any person in the world. You might have felt that it becomes pretty difficult to find the donors bang on time.

But what if you were told that you can get an access to hundreds of donors within minutes through an android app? Yes, it is the Blood Monk App that gives you a chance to find the donors of any blood group present in the database. It displays all the persons with the similar blood group you search through this app.

Blood Monk App

Just have a look at the simple steps that you need to go through before you get in touch with a donor:

Download Blood Monk App:

First thing you need to do is to download the Blood Monk App either from the play store or iTunes store. It is easy to download and doesn’t take much of your space in the smartphone. It’s size is just 4.5 MB.

Register yourself:

Once you download the app, launch it and register yourself by filling up details like first and last name, age, blood group, address, email etc. By registering yourself, you can not only find the people donating blood but you can also be a donor when someone searches. Enter your working mobile number and email ID so that anyone can contact your when needed in emergency.

Blood Monk App

Search Blood Monk:

After the registration, you can use the ‘Search Blood Monk’ section in the app to find the list of donors. You can view every details of the person with the blood group you have searched for. Besides that you can also find the donors on the map by hitting the button on ‘Monks On Map’. This section will show you the donors’ locations on the map.

Make a request:

Finding a person and then making a request to the person to donate blood is much easier. Just click on ‘Make A Request’ and you will see a pop-up indicating to call or message or email to contact him/her directly. This is how you can request for a donor by installing Blood Monk App on your Android and iOS devices.

Blood Monk App is developed by Lets Nurture, an IT firm that is involved into brilliant android app development. You can also download many useful apps developed by this firm from official Lets Nurture app section in the play store. It doesn’t matter what the situation is this app will help you find hundreds of donors at a glance! Download this app now!

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