Transfer 1GB Within 3 Seconds Using Samsung’s Lightening Fast 60GHz Wi-Fi Technology!

Lightening Speed of Samsung WifiStuck due to low Wi-Fi speed for faster transmissions? Samsung is developing a 60GHz WI-Fi technology, with a speed of 575MB per second to transfer 1GB movie from one device to another within or in 3 seconds. Reports say that it would be the fastest ever Wi-Fi transfer if implemented. Not only file transfers but the HD videos from mobile to LCD TV will not buffer any more. Infact, you can see it as a real-time video.

Samsung WifiA strong answer to Apple?
When it comes to making a mark in the present competitive world, there are many companies coming up with some unique concepts to make their sales better. What could be a better answer than this from Samsung to its competitors?! This Wi-Fi speed is capable of transferring the files with a blink of your eye. The time the technology is out in the market, it will surely increase the sales of the Samsung devices.

Head of Samsung R&D speaks
“Samsung has successfully overcome the barriers to the commercialization of the 60GHz Wi-fi technology,” said Kim Chang Yong, the head of a Samsung R&D centre. He further added that, “New and innovative changes await Samsung’s next-generation devices, while new possibilities have been opened up for the future development of Wifi.”

Converting theory into reality
Samsung previously reported that this technology had a problem to penetrate through walls which was a big issue for the developers at the desk. The 60GHz Wi-Fi technology was just a theory but the developers are nailing out from no where to build this technology. This is going to be 10 times faster than the present Wi-Fi technology. Isn’t it lightening fast?

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