Amazon Releases Fire TV Stick, A Tough Competition to Google Chromecast Now!

Amazon Fire TV Stick
Amazon Fire TV Stick

You can enjoy free music, videos and other online content with Amazon’s new Fire TV Stick released yesterday! Browse, play and download your favorite content on your TV at the best prices. This might be the toughest competition to the Chromecast stick that was released last year. The latest Fire Stick offers you with a great chance to enjoy the live streaming and other programs on your television.

Extended services of Fire TV Stick
Wide range of services from Netflix, Hulu Plus, ESPN and the NBA Game Time give you an opportunity to get the best out of them. The price is almost equal to the Chromecast which is $39 and it is even lower for the Amazon Prime users which is just $19. When compared to Google’s Chromecast in terms of price and extended services, Fire TV Stick is cost-effective and offers a wide range of options to play  online.

Amazon vs Chromecast vs Roku TV Stick
Amazon vs Chromecast vs Roku TV Stick

50% More processing power
The Fire TV Stick has 50% processing power as compared to other devices. Amazon revealed that the stick is 6 times faster than Roku Streaming Stick and in result improves the video streaming. To play the videos faster on your TV is the best thing you would love to experience from Amazon’s latest release. The kind of integration used in the device is pretty simple. Previously we have seen some amazing Chromecast apps that were developed by the professionals giving the best quality ever.

Advanced streaming and prediction
This smart stick predicts the videos that are watched often by the users and buffers them for faster playback. The videos include the TV shows, online videos from leading channels, movies etc. Meanwhile, you can also watch the live streaming on your tablet or mobile with a mirror content option the Fire Stick.

Earlier Amazon released the Fire TV box for $99 which gave users more features to play games and other added services on their TV. Apple TV has many more apps as compared to Amazon at present. The Apple TV apps development team has shown its class by developing some extraordinary apps for Apple TV.

It would be worth knowing how Amazon stands out from the competition by developing apps for Fire TV Stick. As of now, enjoy the HD videos on your TV live from various channels by using Amazon’s latest Fire TV Stick! Have fun!

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