No More Waiting to Unlock Hotel Rooms! Smartphones Are More than Enough to Do It!

Smartphone unlocking hotel roomsA perfect example has been set by the Starwood Hotels in Stamford, USA that about using the Smartphones in this modern world. A speed programming system developed by the professionals to unlock the hotel rooms will astonish you. No more hassles for the travelers arriving the hotel at late night and finding it hard to open the lock with the keys.

This is not the first key-less system to open the room, previously swipe cards were used to unlock the door without any troubles. But the technique of opening the lock with the help of just a smartphone is as simple as opening your screen lock in the mobile.

All possible through bluetooth:
We have already seen wonders what a bluetooth technology can do! This time it’s used in a pretty unique way. Isn’t it? What do you think? With Starwood’s Preferred Guest App, you just have to hold your smartphone at the door lock and wait for a green light to beam. That’s it! You have now unlocked the door!

Smartphones to unlock hotel rooms

All major hotels in the run:
It’s not only Starwood the only hotel utilizing this technology, but there are still many who have already installed it. Major hotel chains like Hilton Worldwide, Marriott International, Inter Continental Group of hotels and so on are trying to explore the smartphone’s key to unlock the hotel rooms.

Unlock hotel room by smartphone

Still many to come this year:
The group of hotels mentioned above are just few. There are still many hotels which are planning to implement this bluetooth enabled smart app technology in their respective hotels. It will be interesting to see up to what extent the hotel owners use it. The time will speak everything…

When it comes to travel app development, this kind of app development is going to be even bigger. Engaging with the travelers in the hotel rooms is now much easier with the help of such apps developed by the experts at hotel. If you are looking for such smart app development, Lets Nurture, an IT firm based in the UK and India, is the best one of the best firms to approach. Get a quote for app development today!

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