Apple to Release iOS 8.1.3 Update This Week Reports BGR!

It has been not even a month that Apple released iOS 8.2 Beta download for iPhone and it is set to release another update for the iOS users this week. The reports from BGR clearly indicated that Apple is going to release an update for iOS 8.1.3. However, the sources from BGR couldn’t confirm whether it’s a public release or beta seed.


Reports from MacRumors

MacRumors also confirmed that it seems that Apple is going to release the iOS 8 update this week. Depending upon the traffic from the graph displayed on MacRumours, there is a clear indication that the number of users using iOS 8.1.3 have increased last week. The experts also reported that the number of visitors on MacRumors increased using iOS 8.1.3 on their iPhones. It is clearly pointing the Apple’s development of iOS 8 which is set to release next week.


Bug Fixes in iOS 8.1.3

As iOS 8.1.2 fixed the ringtone bug, in the similar way the latest update iOS 8.1.3 is expected to fix many bugs after its update. It is expected that the several minor bugs that were reported by the users and developers, will be fixed in iOS 8.1.3 update next week.

iOS 8.1.3, update iOS 8.1.3

Last December, we saw many minor updates in the iOS 8 section and it seems that Apple wants to encounter all the bugs at the earliest for the users using iOS 8 on their iPhones. The update will improve the speed of applications will deliver the best. There are few selected iOS apps developed by  an expert around the world run pretty fast even in the first version of iOS 8. And those apps are expected to be even fast than never before. At WWDC 2015, it is expected that Apple will release iOS 9, which will be the best of Apple’s OS for iPhone. Just wait and watch, there is lot more to come in 2015…Stay tuned!!!

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