Apple iCar Rumours, Images, Release Date: Expected to Release After 5 Years!

Apple released iPhone 6 last year and it is planning to release the Apple Watch in April and than iCar. Taking a step forward in the present technology, the giant is now planning to design an electric car within few years. As reported by Wall Street Journal, Apple is developing its iCar to give a tough competition to Tesla and Google’s Self-driving Car. Apple CarPlay was its first step towards the automobile industry and Apple iCar is going to be even bigger to sweep all its competitors in the present era.

Apple iCar Image

Apple iCar Release Date:

There is nothing much to talk about the features because the specifications and designs are not revealed yet. If the reports are to be believed, Apple iCar release date might be prolonging up to 5 years. Apple called off this project last year but the reporters suggest that there are many working on the project called ‘Titan’. The aim of the project is to develop an amazing electric car. The Apple iCar images are neither unveiled by the giant nor leaked by any other resources. There is a long way to go yet…

Apple CarPlay First Look

Apple iCar with Apple CarPlay:

What more can you ask when you get a chance to utilize Apple devices all around? Apple iCar might be released with pre-installed Apple CarPlay which was released last year. This is just like icing on the cake. Isn’t it?

Stay tuned for more updates on the Apple iCar and other devices launched by the tech giant!

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