YouTube Kids App, Now Available on Google Play and iTunes Store!

You might have seen your three year old surfing through your iPad and watching videos that interest him/her on YouTube. Sometimes, you might get worried as while surfing, there are chances for them to get exposed to adult stuff. Now, you definitely do not want that! What if you were told that there is an app just for kids to make the best out of YouTube? I am sure it would make you very happy!

YouTube has now launched YouTube Kids App by which the kids can learn everything visually and understand every concept quite easily.

YouTube App for Kids

YouTube Kids App is now available for free to download on Android and iOS operating systems. A family-friendly app which can be used by both kids and the family members to teach their kids. The little ones can explore many new things on this app. Kids-friendly channels are available Sesame Street, Mother Goose Club, TuTiTu, Thomas & Friends etc.

Designed Just for Kids:

The YouTube Kids App is designed in such a way the kids will find it very attractive. There are no complications in navigation and the little ones will find it easy to search their favorite stuff. The buttons are quite larger than the YouTube app so that kids can locate each and every option quite easily.

YouTube Kids App for Android and iOS

Filtered Content in YouTube Kids:

Now, parents can rest assure about their kids being exposed to adult videos as the YouTube Kids App will give the filtered videos that kids and other family members all can watch. You can watch the video below to know exactly how the YouTube Kids App works:

Parent Controls in YouTube Kids App:

Parents can control many things in the app such as timer, search options, sound settings, product feedback etc. As a parent, you need not ask your kids to stop whiling away his time on the app. You can set the timer according to your convenience and the app will display the message that it’s now time to stop the session.

There is a lot for kids to learn, explore and watch. YouTube App is available on Google Play as well as iTunes Store. Besides YouTube Kids App, there are several other apps for kids developed to make the kids learn about different concepts. Download one of them for your little ones today!

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