Apple Announces the Press Event on 9th March Ahead of Apple Watch Release!

Apple has announced a press conference on 9th March naming as ‘Spring Forward’ ahead of the Apple Watch release in April. The major reason to plan this event is to make the users more aware of the working of the Apple Watch and even the reporters can ask their queries. It will be quite interesting to see the Apple’s answers about the battery life, uniqueness, price etc.

Apple Spring Forward Live

Expected Questions at the Press Event of Apple:

There are will be several questions asked by the reporters all over the world. Most of them will be definitely questions about how Apple Watch is different from the other watches in the market. Battery life rumors were observed a lot in the past and the giant has to be ready with their answers for several questions.

Apple Watch First Look

Apple Watch Release:

Right ahead of the Apple Watch release, the giant has planned a press event to let the users know everything about the watch deeply. This will give the customers a chance to know more about the device and decide whether it’s worth buying it or not.

We have to wait and watch for the outcome of the press event of Apple. You can visit the official page of Apple Live on 9th March to watch Spring Forward live!


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