Bluetooth Umbrella: An Umbrella That Reminds You to Take It Along!

People often tend to forget their umbrella at their workplace when they put it for drying. It can incur a loss of around $15 to $20. The cost might not be a big deal for you if you have enough to spend. But the fact that you will be wet again when you walk in the rain, is something to worry about.

Davek Bluetooth Umbrella

Davek, a firm in New York that supplies quality umbrellas and has found a new way to notify when you leave your umbrella behind. It’s called a Bluetooth Umbrella.

Davek Bluetooth Umbrella Chip abd Battery Image

Features of Bluetooth Umbrella:

The umbrella comes with Bluetooth proximity chip that connects with your smartphone app. No matter where you forget your umbrella, this amazing device will let you know how far (say 30 feet) you are from it. The umbrella works fine with both of its Android and iOS apps. The device installed in the umbrella works on BLE technology and the battery installed in it can last for 1 to 3 years depending on your utility. Watch the video given below to know more about it:

Weather Updates:

The weather forecasts can be tricky when you referred to several resources everyday. This Bluetooth Umbrella will notify you about the weather well in advance so that you can carry your umbrella on the next day. You can anyway turn off the notifications if you don’t want any updates or alerts about the location of your umbrella for 24 hours or forever.

Davek Bluetooth Umbrella Notifications, Alerts and Updates

The idea of making you remember your umbrella when you leave it behind is an innovative concept by Davek. You can pre-order the umbrella at Kickstarter before 12th April for $125 and support the project and turn it into a reality. Stay tuned for more technology news!

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