Amazon’s Twitch Has Been Hacked! Warning to Change Your Password Right Now!, the leading video streaming website, owned by Amazon has been hacked according to the news posted on Twitch’s official blog. The video game streaming website has a turnover of around $970 million last year has gained much popularity since its launch in 2011.

Amazon's Twitch, Twitch Hacked

Reset Your Twitch Account Password

The news of ‘Amazon’s Twitch was hacked‘ went viral and the users were suggested to change their passwords to make their accounts secure. The accounts which were connected through Twitter and YouTube were expired due to the password changes done by the firm. By this, the users will now have to login with a new password when they connect Twitch from Twitter, YouTube or from their email IDs.


Twitch Mentioned in the Blog Post

“We’ve heard your concerns about overly-restrictive password requirements, and have reduced them to an 8 character minimum. Best practices regarding password security remain true,” was written on the’s official blog after the signs of hacking.


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