iOS 8.3 Update Arrived with Emoji Updates, Wireless CarPlay & Space Bar UI Fix!

8th April, Wednesday – Apple has released its major iOS 8.3 update with lot of useful features and design tweaks to the OS. Main update is that it brings wireless CarPlay to your iPhone and it is available instantly as an over-the-air download.

Overview of the major updates:

This release includes improved performance, bug fixes, and a redesigned Emoji Keyboard.

Wireless CarPlay

Secondary, As I said before, that the changes include wireless CarPlay which letting users to connect their iPhones to their CarPlay systems sans Lightning cable. So you don’t have to plug in your iPhone just to get directions or music on your car’s center display as Google two-factor authentication makes it possible to add Google accounts without the need for app specific passwords. Now enjoy the music in a much easier way!

Wireless CarPlay

Emoji Keyboard

In this Apple iOS 8.3 update, They have focused more on emoji Keyboard. It includes changes in emoji improvements, emoji picker which lets you organizes emoji into categories in an easily scrollable list. You can also enjoy new wide-ranging emoji with enlarged family options, and emoji skin tone alter for changing the look of people emoji. You can enjoy this features now on the iPhone, iMac, and Apple Watch.

Updated Emoji Keyboard View
Updated Emoji Keyboard View

On the iPhone 6 Plus, You can have better ex prince in landscape mode as there is a bold/italics/underline key for formatting text. Previously, the key only allowed for to bold. (Shown in images).

bold/italics/underline key changes

Space Bar UI Fix

Apple has also made minor but noticeable UI changes on the space bar. This update has been prolonged to prevent users from hitting the period key in Safari when try to make a space. There is also an option to turn on/off a setting to permit you to download free apps without password.

Space Bar UI Fix - iOS 8.3 Update
Space Bar UI Fix – iOS 8.3 Update

Other Bug fix list and Updates:

Please refer image to see updated list

iOs 8.3 update bug fix list
iOs 8.3 update bug fix list (click to enlarge)

Have a look at the overview of iOS 8.3 update Video for more information –



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