Mother without Keys & Buttons That Cares About You and Your Family!

Visualize a globe having excellent & easy gadgets without keys and switches. presenting Mother is a minding, versatile and programmable gadget that transforms objects into brilliant and comprehensive things that really improve your life. This means there are sensors which determines what you are carrying out and without needing to consult.


Similarly as with your own mother, Mother thinks about you and loves. However this Mother is programmable. You choose what parts of your life you need her to treat and she strains to your present necessities. Dissimilar to other gadgets that represent considerable authority in one and only territory, this Mother recognizes how to serve you in numerous zones of your daily life like wellness, health, safety,and ease. You choose how she can help change your life, eventually helping you live better, healthier and more satisfied.

What Mother can do?

  • Device helps you to major out how many steps you walk every day, with distance and calories you burn.
  • Keep a track on your kids while teeth brushing, they are doing properly or not? You can also create a contest amongst your family members.
  • Determine who is home right now with single click. You can track others in-out time.
  • You can monitor access of your home if any suspicious activity is detected in your absence.
  • Get reminder of your schedule task. Device helps you to track your intake.
  • Measure the temperature of the area where device is situated from anywhere you want to. You can even receive notification/warning when it reaches outside the interval you have set.
  • You can detect each every moment of you and your loved once while drinking, eating, walking and even sleeping.

Technical Specification of Mother:

  • 3 Inches height
  • 1 Pound Weight
  • Router/internet box via Ethernet to connect
  • Proprietary Radio Standard on the 915 MHz frequency Band in America & 868 MHz in Europe
  • Range consistent with a home Wi-Fi Network
  • Capacity to memorize up to 10 days Data.
  • CR2016 replaceable button cells
  • iOS (6.1+) and Android (4.0+)
  • Designed for indoor use only (Not weatherproof)

Your initial start should include 12 applications. MSRP: $222 for the package which includes single Mother and another box of 4 Motion Cookies. Once the user carries a Mother, they are able to buy further Motion Cookies. 4 Piece of Cookie Pack, MSRP: $99. Mother is currently accessible to pre-order with deliveries begin in Feb.

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