Reduce Your Stress of Performing Stress Test Using These Automated Testing Tools

There are lot of people who are always keep searching on testing frameworks on iOS and served us useful classes and tools which help us to make easy accessing iOS apps.

Here I am sharing with you few amazing tools which helps you to cut down your stress of performing stress testing for iPhone Apps.

UI AutoMonkey

This tool is simple stress testing script for iOS applications and it runs in UI Automation and Instruments.

How to use it

To add this script , you don’t have to install anything, you just have to copy and paste the script into UI Automation when using device. Whether you already have a workflow set, you can use command line as well. Just Plug and Play!

The complete tool information can be found here or see video.


The another tool, Frank is automated acceptance testing framework for iOS applications. It is based on Cucumber and allows you to write organized text test/acceptance tests/requirements as well as execute against your iOS application.

Have a brief overview of this tool here or see video.

Keep It Functional

This tool is an iOS functional testing framework which allows for simple automation of iOS apps by implementing the accessibility attributes that the OS makes accessible for those with visual disabilities.

It is safe for testing purposes but you can not make it into production code because it may denied your app submission by Apple.

Get here all tips about to use this tool or see video.

Hence, there are plenty of automated testing tools, but above tools are widely used by iOS developers. Stay stress free and use these tools.

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