Apple Watch User Manual is Now Online!

Apple has currently published its Apple Watch User Manual, as user start to get their Watches. The user manual provides as a complement towards Watch, instructing users how to understand user interface and access numerous characteristics. The guide includes each of the local first party Apple Watch application along with basic UI principles.

Apple-Watch-User-ManualThere is also a segment upon integrating the Apple Watch that will show valuable while Watches begin distributed into customer’s hand. Additionally there is info on the way to correctly take care and clean up the Apple Watch bands.

Here are several exciting tidbits:

  • Pairing occurs by simply showing a particular image on the Watch initially and taking a image of the display using Apple Watch partner app on the iPhone. This is basically a modern QR code program.
  • There are 7 status symbols that could appear at the top of an Apple Watch. These will exhibit in case completely new notifications are available, if the Apple Watch is locked, if the device is charging, if Airplane Mode is active, if Do Not Disturb is enabled, if the connection to the iPhone has been lost or if wireless content is loading.
  • The Apple Watch Settings Glance includes a ‘iPhone Ping’ button which causes the paired iPhone to make an audible sound, helping the user find it if it is lost.
  • The User Guide includes a full rundown of the available watch faces. This includes which complications support which faces as well as other customization options.
  • Software updates happen through the Apple Watch app on the iPhone. The updates are sent wirelessly to the device. You can also restore the firmware in the same way.
  • Apple makes a point of informing users what to do if they want to give their Watch to another person. Users should un-pair the Watch from the iPhone and then erase all data. If the Watch is lost or stolen, users should remove all bank cards associated with Apple Pay on the Watch.

Apple usually posts its User Guides as eBooks in the iBookstore but the Apple Watch User Guide is not yet available in that medium. Expect to see it available soon.


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