A New sci-fi patents of Google & Apple For sleep deprived and forgetful drivers!

Yesterday, Google and Apple have been tie up and granted patents for products intend for the sweet dreams and lost cars. These Patents will help those people who love to sleep and also who forgotten about where they parked their car.

Google and Apples have been tie up and granted patents for products
Google and Apple have been tie up and granted patents for products

Google’s sci-fi future Patent

Using Google’s sci-fi future patent, this will work on your alarm clock. In this , your alarm clock’s volume will alter automatically based on how deeply you are sleeping by tracking using adaptive wearable device for controlling an alarm based on user sleep state on your Apple watch and nightwear.

By placing a wearable device to the user’s wrist, in a pocket or in a user’s clothing like belt, nightwear etc. through sensors detects physiological or environmental factors such as, body movements, respiration, heart, pulse rate,, eye movements and ambient light.

It work on three condition as below:

1. If the user is drowsing, the alarm is actuated in a typical manner.

2. If the user is astir, the alarm is hushed-up.

3. And If the user is neither drowsy nor fully awakened, the alarm is altered to provide an suitable level of activation.

Apple’s sci-fi future Patent

Apple has also jumped with a vision of tracking parked car without being asked through phone app. The phone app will remembers where you park your car and help you to find your car come after a extended approving.

This patent works for vehicle location in weak location signal premises like unreliable or unavailable GPS or other cell signals areas. Whether your GPS or other location technology is working or not, A mobile device can determine when a vehicle location in which the mobile device is located has entered in to parked zone through the first location technology as supplemented with sensor data of mobile.

Apple has said that this method could come in convenient in parking zones and underground garages where smartphone signals may not available.

Let’s hope these Google & Apple Patents will be available to us soon. For more update regarding wearable device apps or apple news stay tuned here.


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