Top iOS News: Office iCloud, Wired Ethernet, Duet Display for windows & iPhone Popularity

This week in iOS news, We saw the arrival of a Lightning cable with Ethernet on the flip side, Office got support for working with iCloud, and Duet Display now does Windows. Let’s discuss those features in brief.

Office iCloud

Microsoft published another update to its Office Suite (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Power-point) for iOS in the App Store on iTunes. Every one of the three applications have been redesigned to form 1.9.2 and clients will get some appealing new highlights.

The updates bring Office abilities that adversary those of Windows to iOS. This makes both gadgets, iPads specifically, far better to take to work.

Wired Ethernet

Redpark Ethernet Cable - Wired Ethernet
Redpark Ethernet Cable

Until now, With just a Lightning connector iOS devices can’t be used with networks except over Wi-Fi. But now, using modified version of the common USB, Redpark Ethernet Cable which has the normal RJ45 connector at one end of the 7-foot of CAT5e cabling, and an Apple Lighting connector at the other end.

This cable Cable allows plugging iOS devices into Ethernet ports where people don’t have the ability to use a Wi-Fi connection. Unlikely, The cable cannot be used for charging an iPhone or iPad and available at $89 on web.

Duet Display for Windows PC

Duet Display for Windows PC
Duet Display for Windows PC

Duet Display application now allow iPad work as monitor for a Windows PC. Duet Display is a new application that lets users re purpose old and new iOS gadgets including the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and transform them into helpful second displays for OS X portable PCs and desktops and its accessible for download at this moment.

iPhone Popularity

iPhone still most favorite and selling a phone in the US. “Apple’s phone expanded its lead in a piece of the pie over Samsung by 1 percent, making it the most prevalent phone in the US. This news was ordered by merchant, so Apple’s news with simply the iPhones is huge since most contenders make bunches of distinctive phones” according to comScore.

These update shows the popularity of iPhone and craziness of iOS app developers who always come up with awesome apps for us and these features will give an amazing experience to their users through a unique iOS app development and implementation.


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