Do You Know About These Hidden Features in Your Mac?

Let’s be honest about that you most likely don’t know as much about your Mac as you should. You generally use a mac for doing general stuff, developers for iPhone app development etc. but there are few outstanding features your Mac have which you might don’t know.

Here are the some awesome tips and traps that can demonstrate to you proper methodologies to spare time using your Mac, from exploiting its concealed calculator to finding the tiny yet useful icon that has been directly before your face the whole time.

Take a trimmed screen-shot

Tired of taking screenshots that catch substantially more of your screen than you would like? Hold down Command + Shift + 4, which will change your cursor into a crosshair. After you have defined/outlined what you need to be in the screenshot, just take your finger off of your mouse and your screenshot will be saved.

Hide your dock

On the off chance that your dock is acting as a burden, press Command + Option + D and that will hide your dock. Just repeat the steps to get back it. Simple!

Have Colorful Screen

For users running Mac OS X Lion or prior, you can beyond any doubt invert and revert the shades of you Mac show by holding down Command + Option + Control + 8. The element was initially designed to help the outwardly impaired.

Speedy tab management

If you have an to many excess of applications running and need to remove of some, hold command and press your tab key to cycle through the applications. Tap Q to stop any of the applications or H to minimize.

Enable All tab controls for Online forms

At the point when filling out order forms online, tabbing through the input boxes regularly skips dropdown menus like the “month” or “year” choices. To permit your PC to tab through them like some other content box, basically open System Preferences => Keyboard => Shortcuts, and after that pick “All Controls” under “Full Keyboard Access.

Spotlight search or fast access to Wikipedia

By just pressing Command + Spacebar, Apple’s Spotlight search is raised, permitting you to effortlessly scan for reports, applications, music, and the web, even Wikipedia. Be that as it may, the genuine mystery is that it also does a fundamental math, so at the moment that you require some multiplication or division done, simply write it in the search bar.

Easily group files into one folder

For those with a jumbled desktop, one little alternate way can make solidifying documents files into one envelope a snap. Just highlight or click on the files that you might want to gathering in one folder, right click, and select “New Folder With Selection.”

Experience Expose in Slow Motion

The simple application selection tool Expose can be controlled to work in moderate movement on the off chance that you have a prior adaptation of OS X. The secret is to simply to hold “Movement” while then pressing your Expose key (more often than not F9, F10, or F11). Use this trick for a less sudden window-exchanging techniques.

Hidden icon in Display

When you save a Word, Pages, or PowerPoint report and also most other files types, a little icon shows up at the highest point of your toolbar, alongside the document name. You can treat this like a typical file icon and drag it wherever you like, which will move the document, as well.

Switch internet tabs without using your mouse

To rapidly switch between tabs in your web browser, just hold down the Command key and press Tab to go through your open browser tabs.

Type an Apple icon in a flash

Have you ever tried to create an apple icon on your mac? You can do so. On any Mac, you can create an Apple icon by holding down Option + Shift + K.

Now check out and have a thrilled experience of using mac than an app development.

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