Top 6 USB-C Dock Accessories to Fulfill All Your connection Needs That You Wish with MacBook

Gadgets have become the part of our basic needs and have changed our life for good. No doubt they are going to stay and the future lies within. Recently Apple has launched Mac Book with attractive new feature i.e. USB-C port.

USB-C is present in both MacBook and Google’s Chromebook Pixel. USB-C is a small, reversible connector that will probably replace all the current USB connectors out there over the course of the following two years.

Until USB-C is ubiquitous it is a dongle battle for the new MacBook owners.

Here is the list for the early tech adopter from the upcoming USB-C accessories brought to us by OWC

1. Hydradock/OWC USB-C Dock

Hydradock/OWC USB-C Dock
Hydradock/OWC USB-C Dock (Source: mashable)

For the people who need a zillion ports, Hydradock fulfills their all needs. Hydradock adds 11 ports back to the new MacBook.
You get-

  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • an Ethernet port
  • an SDXC card slot
  • a Mini Display Port
  • an HDMI port (1080p output)
  • four USB 3.0 ports
  • two USB 2.0 ports
  • two USB-C ports

And for the bunch left on the Kickstarter, it could cost $129. This 11-port dock is available in silver, gold and gray colors.

2. SanDisk USB flash drive (32GB)

The new MacBook is for users who store each and every document in the cloud, however if you still need to move your files from one device to another locally then SanDisk flash drive is for you. It has two halves:

  • One for USB-C
  • One for general full-sized USB 3.0

So you can easily connect it to your new Mac Book and existing PCs. Priced at $50 for a 32GB, it is an expensive one.

3. LaCie Porsche Design Mobile Drive

USB flash drives are modest, yet they don’t offer a huge amount of storage capacity. LaCie’s Porsche Design Mobile Drive is a slim aluminum case, perfect for document hoarders. It comes in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB models.

4. Jelly Comb adapter

The adapter changes the USB-C port to a USB 3.1 port probably capable of up to 10Gbps data transfers on the new MacBook.

5. Monoprice USB-C cables and adapters

It’s not a smart decision to spend too much on USB cables and adapters. You can go with Monoprice’s generic USB-C cables and adapters which are better than Apple’s expensive ones.

6. Hub+

This is an ideal solution for all your USB-C related problems. It is a small and smart aluminium hub with six ports including two USB-C ports, three full-sized USB ports, and an SDXC card reader. Furthermore, it has a model with a built-in lithium ion battery that can charge phones and tablets spontaneously.

Now with this, iPhone app developers & professional MacBook users can enjoy a user experience without any USB related hassle.


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