Google Introduces Real-time Trends That Gives Minute-by-Minute Trending Search Data with New Homepage

On 17th June, Wednesday 2015, Google brought a new window into our world by unleashing real-time trends. People always want to stay updated about the latest news and current trending topics in the world. And Google Trends has always served the best by showing the highest search topics across various regions of the world, in various languages so far. Google has come up with the faster and comprehensive changes to keep the users updated with the happenings in the Google search.

Google Trends Gets Real-time, Minute-by-Minute

Google wants you to keep up with the hot topic that is taking the internet by a stir and that is why they have revamped the version of Google Trends. Now you can follow a search mania as it happens and track this data over time by selecting any time range within the last week.

You can now check minute-by-minute real time data; ongoing information behind more than 100 billion searches queries that take place on Google consistently. It is about getting more profound on the topics you think about. The real-time data tool also unifies information taken from Google News and YouTube to form trend reports that will change the way media channels deliver reports and researchers stories. ~ Mashable.

As per the updates covered by Search Engine Land, Google is expanding the “broadness and scope” of the information which is following for a more fundamental jump into corner topics in smaller geologies; and, for anybody wanting to do a deeper analysis of trends information, Google distributed data-sets for particular topics on its Github page.

About the Past Updates

Since 2012, Google Trends, represented by Google is used to allure writers to consolidate the information into their reports and stories. And now Google has disclosed the most significant update for Google Trends based on feedback gathered from researchers, journalists and everyday trend-trackers to give everybody a quicker, more intense and more complete data at what’s going ahead in Google Search.

A New Look of Homepage

Google has also redesigned a homepage of Google Trends to show visitors a positioned, ongoing list of trending stories that are picking up the spotlight in Google search while additionally thinking seriously about YouTube and Google News.

Who are the lucky ones?

This real-time Google Trends are especially helpful to columnists/ journalists and researchers in light of the fact that they indicate what people are really inquisitive about and including things which they may feel awkward to discuss on Facebook or Twitter.

By making this update, Google has proved again its popularity in the world. However, Google Trends tool has been available for a long time now, even so by including a real-time element to the mix, Google could ultimately see the vague data tool that sometimes get in the data analysis spotlights.

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