Follow Live Events With Twitter’s New Feature “Project Lightning” Could Be Called “Moments”

In the internet of things era, change seems to be the only thing that is constant, that too really fast. The social networking sites are going through changes every now and then to fit the space of internet and place themselves as user-friendly sites. The same can be said for the popular micro-blogging site, Twitter. Recently it announced to launch its major new feature called “Project Lightning” and could be called as “Moments” as of latest details.

Twitter has come all the way from micro-blogging site to the most happening place on the internet. It has proved to a dynamic place for interaction, the proof we can see with the rise in the users including the big corporate and celebrities.

Project Lightning: Follow Live Events, Not Just People

Ideally, Twitter is going to launch this update later this year that will bring event-based (curated by the editors) content to the Twitter platform, where you can follow events and instantly upload photos and videos that can be shared across the websites, social news and entertainment sites. It has also the ability to embed those experiences across the web and even in other apps. Now it seems like this will bring a spectacular change how people experience live events.

According to Twitter’s Kevin Weil, “Project Lightning is a brand new way to look at the tweets, this is a bold way and not evolutionary change”. Twitter is going the newsroom way, delegating experienced editors who will follow the news and identify the best tweets for anyone trying to follow a news story. That implies users won’t have to depend on web journals to discover message/motive from the events Twitter thrives on. They can go right to the source.

Basically, if people are tweeting about something, it becomes an event and when you open one of these events, you’ll be taken to a collection of tweets.

You can likewise “follow” an occasion until its decision; in that case the media from the event will mix in with your normal timeline of events until it is finished. Furthermore, Twitter has said you will have the capacity to install these events over the web and in different applications, or check them regardless of the fact that you don’t have a Twitter account.

FIY- Twitter did not say anything on its plan for the feature, but artificial intelligence can be used to check the most relevant tweets and advertising messages, or to strengthen the spam filter. But it is for sure that whenever it will be live, it will be like a new era for social media networks and digital marketing.

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