Tips to Increase the Battery Life in Android Smart phones!

Bigger phones and bigger batteries but less endurance, this is the common complaint of every Android Smartphone owner. Nothing can be done about the battery at our level but yes we can make some smart and simple efforts to elevate the battery life and make it more live.  We have a huge list on smart and simple tricks, go through them once and you will know the ideas of saving your battery life.


  1. Background: For phones that have AMOLED screens, using a darker or black coloured background will save a lot of battery life. AMOLED screens only illuminate the coloured pixels, so darker the background better the battery life.
  2. Apps darker: Using a darker background for your apps will eat less energy and prolong the battery life.
  3. Auto brightness: Set up the low brightness level as comfortable to you. Auto brightness is actually very bright and the energy it needs to lighten up is wasted. This is one of the most important settings as your screen takes a huge part of the energy. Android phones have an auto-brightness setting that automatically adjusts the screen brightness based on the room light.
  4. Streamline your home screen: Get rid of widgets that you don’t need, and if possible don’t use the wallpaper. The busier your home screen is more the power it consumes.
  5. Vibrate: The vibration mode is something not to be considered when you are running out of the battery life. Turn it off when you think it really doesn’t need the attention.
  6. Original battery: If you are thinking that saving money by getting a substandard battery will do good then please be warned that it’s actually harming your phone. Always get the original or third party manufacturer batteries.
  7. Timeout: Set the screen timeout interval as short as you can to save a good amount of battery life.
  8. Notifications off: Whatever we say, but we are not going to be with our mobile whole 24 hours, so simply make the notifications off when you are sleeping, reading or in a business meeting. Switch off Wi-Fi and mobile data, when you don’t need them or simply putting it on airplane mode will save battery.
  9. Disconnect for a while: Turn off features like OK Google, air gestures, smart scrolling etc.  If you are not using these features daily then they are just using the power unnecessarily.
  10. Turn off: GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, location data and mobile data consume a lot of energy so whenever you don’t need them give them a rest. Only turn on Bluetooth and NFC as long as you need them. Turn off the mobile data if you are in the wi-fi zone.
  11. Don’t let the phone heat:  The heat affects the battery life so make sure to put your phone at a cool place and not subject it to the sun or other heated places.
  12. Power saving mode: This is a feature that helps you to retain a minimum level of battery for the rest of the day. Enable it when the battery level is dropping low and whenever you are without a charger.
  13. Haptic feedback: Most Android phones have haptic feedback that gives a little vibration when keys are pressed on the keyboard and at certain other times. Turn it off as you wouldn’t need it. They are as bad power eater as vibration mode is.
  14. Reboot: Once in a while reboot your phone and get the phone start afresh with fewer apps running in the background.
  15. Get an extra battery:  If you are a person whose day revolves around a phone then it’s a wise decision to get a spare battery if your phone has a replaceable battery. Always keep it charged while heading out of the house.
  16. Hibernate or freeze apps: keep a check on apps in your mobile. Don’t stuff your phone with loads of apps that you aren’t using much. Freeze the apps you don’t need and enhance the battery life.
  17. Update your apps: Manually or automatically, always update your apps. Updated applications often come with an advantage of less power consumption.
  18. Buy a battery case or extended battery: Battery cases combine a hardware enclosure, which protects your phone, with an extended battery that can double your phone’s endurance.

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