Inexpensive Fitness Tracker Bands with Loaded Features That Keeps You Healthy

The adage- health is wealth is getting a facelift with the modern times gadgets who are taking the ‘stay healthy, stay fit’ concept a little far. Gadgets are doing wonders in every field and likewise the gadgets in health segment aren’t left behind. From watching your diet to managing your work-out schedule, they are a personal trainer to you. You can choose from a number of fitness gadgets depending upon your current fitness level and needs.

Though some phones as of now help us to be at ease with their features; numerous stand-alone gadgets additionally monitor your sleep patterns and some even advise you about messages and phone calls on your wrist, Fitness Tracker Bands are the best device for people as they measure footsteps, distance covered and calories burned.

Here’s a guide to help you pick the best Fitness Tracker bands (on the basis of the features and affordability)

The Mi Band (Rs.999)


This band was launched by the fastest growing mobile distributor company of China, Xiaomi in July 2014. The Mi Band is a wearable fitness tracker band, but it lacks a display screen at this price, but you can connect it to the Mi Fit app (health related application) which is available for both android and iOS to monitor your physical activity, burnt calories, sleeping pattern and wake up time, it also tracks your walking route using GPS.

You will be facilitated with extra features if you used its handset Xiaomi. The Mi band vibrates just before your morning alarm sets off to wake you softly and buzzes when you have incoming calls. It is useful for an individual who owns a Xiaomi handset and need features loaded gadget at a good rate.

The GetActive Tapp (Rs. 4,999)

The GetActive Tapp
The GetActive Tapp

The Active Tapp gets connected to its corresponding app on a smartphone and an online dashboard. Same like other bands; it also calculates the number of calories burnt and steps. On the web dashboard, you can check the records by day, month and year; add and compete with other GetActive users. The interesting thing is that the service even awards virtual badges for completing fitness milestones. The “badges” make the work goal-oriented and the fact that you can add friends to your profile makes it more alluring. So stay motivated through this your personal health buddy.

The GOQii Band

The GOQii Band
The GOQii Band

GOQii assigns to you a personal trainer who not only discusses your diet plan, fitness goal but also get into the medical history to create a customized fitness regime. They will use your information to achieve your goals through support, learning and inspiration, so be prepared to be in the focus almost all the time.

The band shows steps taken, the distance covered in kilometers and calories burnt. Users are motivated to log details of their rest time, their water intake, and also post photos of the food they’ve consumed. The trained coach will review your information and will suggest required changes in the lifestyle. This band has gained successful reviews from the people who need the motivation to exercise by daily conversations with coaches along with real-world advice. This service is ideal for those who want to change their way of life, however, require steady encouragement and direction.

This band is available at Rs 3,999 for three months and for the whole year, it cost you Rs 11,999.

The TomTom Runner GPS Watch (Rs 12,500)

The TomTom Runner GPS Watch
The TomTom Runner GPS Watch

The TomTom Runner comes with proprietary GPS technology for precise run-routes tracking. It links with the TomTom MySports Connect software on the PC where you need to feed the data as your age, weight, height and gender for accurate data analysis. Furthermore, it brings forth a heart rate monitor that gives you a chance to watch your ticker while you work out.

The Runner comes with different training modes including Goals (where you can enter the distance you want to cover, the total time, or calories you want to burn) and Zones (that calculates your pace, heart rate and more). Users can also sync this device with the TomTom MySports app on their phones. This sporty-looking wristwatch is geared for the serious outdoor fitness enthusiasts, who might perhaps also use the collected data to work along with professional trainers.

So if you are a fitness freak and want to give shape to your fitness goals then choose from the best designs, features and a connected wearable app that is compatible and affordable. Get healthier with the gadgets. These wearable devices are made to be with you, inspire you and get the best out of you as far as fitness is concerned.


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