Apple iCar: Fiat-Chrysler manager switches for Project Titan to Cupertino

Doug Betts has been working this month in Apple’s suspected electric car team. Previously, Betts was head of global quality control in the Fiat Chrysler Group. The reports the Wall Street Journal. Apple’s car project thus also continues to grow.


What exactly is it about Apple’s Auto-plans can only suspect still. That the iPhone inventor however has anything in this direction in the quiver, confirmed Apple CEO Tim Cook already in 2014. More than one hundred employees embrace the responsible team already. With Dough Betts encounters added another prominent veteran of the automotive industry.

His professional LinkedIn profile Betts has certainly been updated – which Apple probably here an eye had it. Because a lot of information about his new job in Cupertino can be his position description “Operations – Apple Inc.” Do not remove.

Looking at the recent staffing additions changed the from the automotive industry to Cupertino, but it soon becomes clear that Apple Larger hovers as only the software side optimization of Apple carplay. Among the new items in recent times, among other high-ranking employees of Mercedes Benz find. With the electric car manufacturer Tesla to Apple to deliver a true battle for the brightest minds.


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