Safety Glasses, Vests and Helmets For Construction Industry Using Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has been grabbing a big impression in all kind of commercial enterprise and it will invade the mainstream this year. With the huge success of this technology, app developers will be more likely to boost an innovative concept of apps that could fulfill everyone’s needs. In past days, we have seen a lot of stuff on a usage of wearable technology in Heath, Fitness and even for sports. And now it will be going to change the working methods in Construction Industry through Safety Glasses, Vests and Helmets by well-known construction industries. Let’s have an overview of this gadgets

Safety Glasses, Vests and Helmets
Safety Glasses, Vests and Helmets

Smart Safety Glasses by XOEye Technologies

This safety glassed made by XOEye Technologies which gives a live feed from the workers is transmitted back to a command center, where an experienced person provides instant advice to solve problems during the job. These glasses also help bridge the gap in skills and quickly fix problems as they occur in absence of most skilled workers at their premise through a Bluetooth connection to their phone, the fieldworkers transfer a live video feed of their actions back to the command center. A serviceman watches and gives further instruction.

Special Safety vests and helmets

The students at Virginia Tech College of Engineering are researching and working on developing safety helmets that can monitor the wearers’ blood gas engorgement levels to make sure the wearer is safe from noxious sears through Temperature sensors.

At other side, the wearable devices developers of Human Condition are working on special safety vests that could increase workplace safety. They are likely to use sensors in an airbag collar in the vest to protect from a fall. Using GPS, they will track location information in case of an accident and save them.

It seems clearly how the technology is growing up day by day as wearable are being developed for specifically for construction kind of field. It would be really great if construction industry will adopt this technology as developers have a lot of possibilities to serve you in terms of an app, website, BLE based devices and many more.

If you are looking for any this kind of wearable device or app development, connect with one of the best Wearable Application Development providers and secure your life.


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