Facebook’s Companion App – Moments Allow to Share Photos Privately with Your Friends

Facebook is getting smarter and knows everything about its users. It keeps on changing its private setting to fit with the ever changing needs of the people and with 1.44 billion active users (Survey, March 2015) it’s going even stronger and keeps coming up with the solutions making the networking site even more user friendly. This is the time of selfies where clicking and uploading the pictures on social media is just another thing to do. With millions sharing their photos daily on Facebook, Instagram and other sites, the vulnerability to the privacy has increased too. But here is the thumbs solution by Facebook in the form of the latest companion app called “Moments”, the new private way to share your pictures with the people you want to.

Facebook Moments
Facebook Moments App

Facebook Moments App

Are you annoyed with friends who click photos of you and say they’ll pass them on, but make it? Then Facebook Moments is for you. It uses facial recognition to send photos to only those friends who are in photos. It is really an amazing feature to look up to when it comes to photo sharing. Get secure about your pictures. The aim of the App Developers team of Facebook is to make the photo sharing even easier, secure and private with friends outside the Facebook network.

How it Works

Sync the photos on your mobile device with Moments app and share it privately with your friends and get the photos you didn’t have. The app arranges the photos date wise as well as album – like groups based on friends who are in your photos and where it has been taken. This app scans your camera roll for all the photos highlighting a friend’s face using facial recognition technology and wraps them up for one-tap private sharing with the specific friends and they can do sync their photos with you. This is how you and your friends have all the photos you took together securely.

  • Keynotes of this Creative App
  • Get the photo sharing easy & private with friends.
  • Keep every one of your photos sorted out in one private place.
  • Sync numerous photographs at a time (no compelling reason to email individual photographs).
  • Easy Search to discover images of you and your friends.
  • Save photographs of other people sync to you on your smartphone/iPhone’s camera roll.
  • Share instantly on Facebook or Instagram, or send in Messenger if you want to.

Currently, this app has been launched in US, on 15th of June 2015 on iOS and Android devices, but the team of developers of Facebook confirmed that they will be available to more countries over time. Get this app now from Google Play Store and Apple Store and share your photos with your loved one and also recover the photos that you would have otherwise lost or would never have got from a busy friend.


Amazon drones pursue customers utilizing smartphone GPS!

In earlier days, Amazon has been honoured a patent which lays out itemized plans about its automaton conveyance system including how the unmanned flying machine would correspond with one another and explore the best course all alone – including following a client to ensure they get their deliver. Amazon presented its drone patent in September 2014, however the points of interest are just now being distributed by the US Patent and Trademark Office, after it sanction the ideas.

Amazon Prime Air program
Amazon Prime Air program

Amazon drones – Plans & Patent

As per the plan, Amazon’s drones will have the capacity to overhaul their routes continuously. A fake up delivery screen recommends that individuals will have the capacity to browse a mixture of delivery alternatives – from “bring it to me” to assigning their home, work environment or even “my boat” as spots for bundles to be dropped.

Checkout video here –


Drone Will Talk to Each-other

Amazon’s delivery drones will have the capacity to find customers taking into account the sign from their cell phone, and have the capacity to talk with different drones about activity and climate conditions. That is as per the simply uncovered patent that gives public the first significant knowledge into the arrangements behind the Amazon Prime Air program.

Variety of Sizes

The drones will arrive in a mixture of sizes relying upon the span of the request: It’s a sure thing to expect that an automaton conveying a solitary Blu-Ray disc won’t be as extensive as one sent to deliver a box of school reading material. Yet, the drones will likewise be furnished with cams and infrared lights that find arrival places and, if all works out as expected, stay far from people and animals.

“it it is resolved that the route way and/or disappointment way meets with a human and/or different animals, streets, walkways, and so on., the route way may be adjusted to maintain a strategic distance from the people, creatures, streets, walkways,” the patent states.

At last, Amazon plans to work in a cut of airspace over 200 ft (61 m) and underneath 500 ft (152 m). where general aviation begins However, A approved patent does not mean all the arrangements laid out in the filing will be finished as portrayed.

Safety Glasses, Vests and Helmets For Construction Industry Using Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has been grabbing a big impression in all kind of commercial enterprise and it will invade the mainstream this year. With the huge success of this technology, app developers will be more likely to boost an innovative concept of apps that could fulfill everyone’s needs. In past days, we have seen a lot of stuff on a usage of wearable technology in Heath, Fitness and even for sports. And now it will be going to change the working methods in Construction Industry through Safety Glasses, Vests and Helmets by well-known construction industries. Let’s have an overview of this gadgets

Safety Glasses, Vests and Helmets
Safety Glasses, Vests and Helmets

Smart Safety Glasses by XOEye Technologies

This safety glassed made by XOEye Technologies which gives a live feed from the workers is transmitted back to a command center, where an experienced person provides instant advice to solve problems during the job. These glasses also help bridge the gap in skills and quickly fix problems as they occur in absence of most skilled workers at their premise through a Bluetooth connection to their phone, the fieldworkers transfer a live video feed of their actions back to the command center. A serviceman watches and gives further instruction.

Special Safety vests and helmets

The students at Virginia Tech College of Engineering are researching and working on developing safety helmets that can monitor the wearers’ blood gas engorgement levels to make sure the wearer is safe from noxious sears through Temperature sensors.

At other side, the wearable devices developers of Human Condition are working on special safety vests that could increase workplace safety. They are likely to use sensors in an airbag collar in the vest to protect from a fall. Using GPS, they will track location information in case of an accident and save them.

It seems clearly how the technology is growing up day by day as wearable are being developed for specifically for construction kind of field. It would be really great if construction industry will adopt this technology as developers have a lot of possibilities to serve you in terms of an app, website, BLE based devices and many more.

If you are looking for any this kind of wearable device or app development, connect with one of the best Wearable Application Development providers and secure your life.

Hiji Band: An innovative idea of confusion detection & reporting wearable technology for Sports!

With your great support we are moved to our private domain. To Continue Reading Click Here -> Hiji Band: An innovative idea of confusion detection & reporting wearable technology for Sports!

Reduce Your Stress of Performing Stress Test Using These Automated Testing Tools

There are lot of people who are always keep searching on testing frameworks on iOS and served us useful classes and tools which help us to make easy accessing iOS apps.

Here I am sharing with you few amazing tools which helps you to cut down your stress of performing stress testing for iPhone Apps.

UI AutoMonkey

This tool is simple stress testing script for iOS applications and it runs in UI Automation and Instruments.

How to use it

To add this script , you don’t have to install anything, you just have to copy and paste the script into UI Automation when using device. Whether you already have a workflow set, you can use command line as well. Just Plug and Play!

The complete tool information can be found here or see video.


The another tool, Frank is automated acceptance testing framework for iOS applications. It is based on Cucumber and allows you to write organized text test/acceptance tests/requirements as well as execute against your iOS application.

Have a brief overview of this tool here or see video.

Keep It Functional

This tool is an iOS functional testing framework which allows for simple automation of iOS apps by implementing the accessibility attributes that the OS makes accessible for those with visual disabilities.

It is safe for testing purposes but you can not make it into production code because it may denied your app submission by Apple.

Get here all tips about to use this tool or see video.

Hence, there are plenty of automated testing tools, but above tools are widely used by iOS developers. Stay stress free and use these tools.

Use “Retweet With Comment” Feature & Share your Thoughts on Twitter!

Twitter has left big mark on the Internet as one of the best micro blogging websites that let us share our thoughts in just 140 characters. As we know that it can contain text, photos, and videos and there are millions of Tweets are shared in real time, every day.

As far as I believe, there is only one big disadvantage of this social networking website. And it is the character limit. I have felt several times that due to limitation of characters, it becomes to difficult to express myself in a precise 140 characters. For this reason, Twitter has lots of dead accounts as people are not able to connect with Twitter’s philosophy of 140 characters.

Now, This disadvantage is no longer with us as Twitter has recently launched its new feature “”retweet with comment”. This feature will allow you to tweet of others as a quote along with your tweet. Now isn’t that great?

Retweet With Comment - Twitter new feature
Retweet with Comment

How to use it

You all know how to retweet, Right? So it is done by clicking on the retweet button, and there you will see “quoted tweet” along with “Add comment” option. You can see a small version of it in the stream and also allows you to add your own 140 characters. Before this feature, Twitter let users embed tweets by cutting-and-pasting its URL, but “retweet with comment” lets you do that by just pressing a button. See below image for a reference to get more idea.

In short,”Retweet with comment” allows users to share an embeded tweet in their own tweets, which allows them get around Twitter’s 140-character limit when they write their own comment. The feature is now available on Twitter’s site, iOS App and will be available on its Android app soon as per as announcement.

Let’s enjoy this feature and share as much as you want. Stay tuned to know about more technology news. Keep sharing!