Maps for Android Updated, Feature to Track Your Location History!

Google android has come out with yet another dynamic feature in the Google maps “Your Timeline” that will work to keep a track of all the places you have visited. Well, this is though a distinct thing but expected out of the tech-prodigy Google.
They recently made an announcement on this and as usual this is reciprocated with huge applause. No doubts, they never fail to show their love for the innovations.

Google android Feature in the Google maps Your Timeline

The Google has started rolling out the update on the map application on Android, most appropriately on version 9.12, accessible by slide-out navigation drawer.

The tool – “your timeline” will not only help you to remember what you did last Saturday but also keep a track record of all the places you ever visited along with the time! Isn’t it just great?

Geo-location based apps help you to track the location and with this smart feature you can now keep all the record of all the places you ever have been.

It’s understandable that many a times it’s just too difficult to even remember a place you had been just a few days back, forget about a month ago. Thus “Your timeline” is majorly right for the people who would like to keep a track of all the places they went to and simply browse the history, whenever they need to.


  • It shows the places you went to on a given day, month or year along with the specific time.
  • It also displays the wonderful photos that you may have clicked at that particular place at a given date and time.
  • With this feature, you can also get the track of the route you undertook while visiting a certain place.
  • One of the practical features of this tool is that you can also add a personal place, select it on the map and rename it as per your liking.
  • With this tool, you can now get the past history of your fabulous visits to the exotic locations, your family tours and the fun places you ever had been.
  • You can switch between the days with the help of the top action bar or to select the day’s swipe left or right.
  • And, in case you don’t want a location to appear on your timeline then as simple as that, just press the edit button and remove it. The edited information will appear on Google maps whenever you are logged in.
  • Most important, the timeline is not shared with any social media network so you can enjoy the privacy and moreover you are also given the control of the locations your timeline will keep.

The timeline can be seen both in Android mobiles as well as on desktops.

With the great expectation let’s see how this feature excels in its approach and as a record of the Google the updates will take some time to be available in Google Play for android apps and if you are too eager to get it now, you can download the APK via APK mirror now.

Till then keep calm and wait for “your timeline” option to appear on your phone.