How iOS9 will change your iPhone?

Undoubtedly, Apple has carved its own place in the market and with the increase in the ardent Apple fans there is a remarkable growth in the sales. And, now with the recent iOS 9 updates, Apple is finally letting its users test the updates that they have been looking forward for so long.

With iOS 9, there comes an array of designs and colour themes that has not been sighted till now. Though at first when you reboot your phone with the iOS9 it seems like just another update but within few minute you realize that there are tiny changes and as you move further you may find some considerable ones.

Don’t expect big changes that are instantly evident such as complete redesigning or reworking but, yes the following changes, though on small-scale contributes to the big changes in your phone. Well, small things lead to bigger changes, right?

iOS 9
iOS 9

1. Devoted selfie and screenshot folders

iPhone users will be delighted with this change. The smart folder built by Apple will contain the screenshots and photos. There is a committed selfie folder for pictures taken with the front- facing camera, and a different folder for screenshots. Though, Apple isn’t utilizing face recognition programming to sort selfies.

2. One – new font

Not a re-design but a new font, everywhere. Apple have broken free of the Swiss typeface dominion , using their own ‘San Francisco font’ for the operating system, which is inherited from the Apple Watch, where it was built for greater readability on the tiny screen.

3. A new Aggregated Apple News App

The only time most of us have opened the Newsstand app was when we clicked on it accidentally, but Apple News wants to change this. The Flipboard-esque news curator will learn and cater to a user’s tastes and preferences.

4. Low power mode

Evidently, almost all the mobile devices manufacturing companies provide ‘low power mode’ that help the users retain the battery for longer when the instant charging facility is not available. Apple’s power mode does a better job as it not only dims the brightness but also impedes the processor so that the users can use the phone for longer, also, it will obstruct background app refreshing and mail fetching making the phone works a little slower, giving you the feel of 5 in iPhone 5s and 5s in iPhone 6 but it will not become dead and that’s a good news!

5. Lowercase keyboard

Another small but drastic change is that the iPhone keyboard now indicates lowercase letters when you’re in lowercase mode and capital letters when you’re in it. No more getting annoyed by keeping on tapping the shift button trying to know which case you are working in. A welcome change for everyone!

6. Security gets Stronger

Recently, Apple has come up with the changes in lock screen security password system. They have launched two-factor authentication which help users to save their lost accounts details if has been compromised. It means that when one uses an Apple ID on one device, their primary device has to authorize that. Now it is an opportunity to check your memories because the four-digit password is being booted off and replaced with a six-digit number. Also, one can use a four-digit numeric code, a custom six-digit numeric code, or a custom alphanumeric code whatever sounds the best to a user.

7. A New App Switcher

This is the one of the biggest changes in iOS9 that you will encounter the time you double press the home button. Say goodbye to the 2D row of application previews and welcome the 3D stack of apps which reminds of a whole lot of the old Windows 7 alt-tab screen. This change doesn’t make app switching any better but, of course, makes it more presentable.

8. You iPhone will be Multi-tasking

Similar like an Android, iOS 9 will offer ways for you to work in two applications at the same time as on iPads. There is at last an approach to see applications in split screen, proceed with video calling while you browse different applications and switch between open applications all the more, effortlessly.

9. Back to Search Option

It is a bit frustrating that whenever we open a link on Facebook in Safari or another browser, and when need to go back and comment but lose the original post or open app leads to another one but not to the actual post, well, forget this annoying thing now. iOS9 provides users with a status bar reminder/button of however you got to wherever you are, facilitating your move to the original app.

10. No Need of third-party Transit Apps

Apple is at lastly adding travel directions to its local maps application in numerous urban areas in the U.S. and abroad. In iOS9, the updated Apple Maps show all subway routes, entrances, passageways and gives a list of timetables for trains, buses, metros and ships along with the notifications about deferrals and changes. A “Nearby” feature will indicate companies and points of interests around you.

So, the extended, simple yet fulfilling features of Apple iOS9 which were awaited since long are here and for sure going to appeal to the Apple admirers. Stay tuned for more update on iOS9, Apples News, iPhone App Development etc.


Inexpensive Fitness Tracker Bands with Loaded Features That Keeps You Healthy

The adage- health is wealth is getting a facelift with the modern times gadgets who are taking the ‘stay healthy, stay fit’ concept a little far. Gadgets are doing wonders in every field and likewise the gadgets in health segment aren’t left behind. From watching your diet to managing your work-out schedule, they are a personal trainer to you. You can choose from a number of fitness gadgets depending upon your current fitness level and needs.

Though some phones as of now help us to be at ease with their features; numerous stand-alone gadgets additionally monitor your sleep patterns and some even advise you about messages and phone calls on your wrist, Fitness Tracker Bands are the best device for people as they measure footsteps, distance covered and calories burned.

Here’s a guide to help you pick the best Fitness Tracker bands (on the basis of the features and affordability)

The Mi Band (Rs.999)


This band was launched by the fastest growing mobile distributor company of China, Xiaomi in July 2014. The Mi Band is a wearable fitness tracker band, but it lacks a display screen at this price, but you can connect it to the Mi Fit app (health related application) which is available for both android and iOS to monitor your physical activity, burnt calories, sleeping pattern and wake up time, it also tracks your walking route using GPS.

You will be facilitated with extra features if you used its handset Xiaomi. The Mi band vibrates just before your morning alarm sets off to wake you softly and buzzes when you have incoming calls. It is useful for an individual who owns a Xiaomi handset and need features loaded gadget at a good rate.

The GetActive Tapp (Rs. 4,999)

The GetActive Tapp
The GetActive Tapp

The Active Tapp gets connected to its corresponding app on a smartphone and an online dashboard. Same like other bands; it also calculates the number of calories burnt and steps. On the web dashboard, you can check the records by day, month and year; add and compete with other GetActive users. The interesting thing is that the service even awards virtual badges for completing fitness milestones. The “badges” make the work goal-oriented and the fact that you can add friends to your profile makes it more alluring. So stay motivated through this your personal health buddy.

The GOQii Band

The GOQii Band
The GOQii Band

GOQii assigns to you a personal trainer who not only discusses your diet plan, fitness goal but also get into the medical history to create a customized fitness regime. They will use your information to achieve your goals through support, learning and inspiration, so be prepared to be in the focus almost all the time.

The band shows steps taken, the distance covered in kilometers and calories burnt. Users are motivated to log details of their rest time, their water intake, and also post photos of the food they’ve consumed. The trained coach will review your information and will suggest required changes in the lifestyle. This band has gained successful reviews from the people who need the motivation to exercise by daily conversations with coaches along with real-world advice. This service is ideal for those who want to change their way of life, however, require steady encouragement and direction.

This band is available at Rs 3,999 for three months and for the whole year, it cost you Rs 11,999.

The TomTom Runner GPS Watch (Rs 12,500)

The TomTom Runner GPS Watch
The TomTom Runner GPS Watch

The TomTom Runner comes with proprietary GPS technology for precise run-routes tracking. It links with the TomTom MySports Connect software on the PC where you need to feed the data as your age, weight, height and gender for accurate data analysis. Furthermore, it brings forth a heart rate monitor that gives you a chance to watch your ticker while you work out.

The Runner comes with different training modes including Goals (where you can enter the distance you want to cover, the total time, or calories you want to burn) and Zones (that calculates your pace, heart rate and more). Users can also sync this device with the TomTom MySports app on their phones. This sporty-looking wristwatch is geared for the serious outdoor fitness enthusiasts, who might perhaps also use the collected data to work along with professional trainers.

So if you are a fitness freak and want to give shape to your fitness goals then choose from the best designs, features and a connected wearable app that is compatible and affordable. Get healthier with the gadgets. These wearable devices are made to be with you, inspire you and get the best out of you as far as fitness is concerned.

Microsoft Launches Updated Skype for Business App On Windows Phone App!

On 6th July 2015, Microsoft announced the new skype for business app for windows phone 8.1. They have delivered the Skype for Business client for Windows, Business Server, and Business Online in Office 365 during this windows phone app development.

People who are familiar with the Lync app for Windows will surely notice the remarkable changes in the new app. Let’s check what’s new for us.

Skype for Business App On Windows Phone
Skype for Business App On Windows Phone

Brand and UI

The most noticeable improvement is the Skype for Business brand and UI, which is inherent and if you are using the skype for the personal communication then you must be familiar with it.


The new and interesting emoticons, around 100 of them, now will be able to deliver your message with more effect and provide a visual treat.

Improved Server communications

Microsoft has additionally enhanced how the application and the server will handle the conversation notifications. Once you’re informed of another conversation on your mobile, the other clients you have logged in won’t hamper the conversation and stop you from responding on your windows phone.
Windows users are also facilitated with the enhanced security with at-rest data encryption feature in this app which sets your encrypted conversation history and voicemail as default.

Also, your recent conversations are presently synchronized crosswise over devices whether they took place on your PC, tablet or phone, the length of you’re running the most recent server software.

Upgrade Your Window phone Today

If you have a Windows Phone 8.1 and higher but don’t have the Lync 2013 application, you can download the new Skype for Business application in the Windows Store.

In case of you have Windows Phone 8.1 and higher and presently have the Lync 2013 portable application, the new Skype for Business application will replace your current application and tile automatically.
And, if you have Windows Phone 8.0, you will continue to use Lync 2013 or Lync 2010, which remains compatible even if your organization is running the new Skype for Business Server.

Enjoy the very new skype and increase your client relationship through this new Business application for Windows Phone!

Follow Live Events With Twitter’s New Feature “Project Lightning” Could Be Called “Moments”

In the internet of things era, change seems to be the only thing that is constant, that too really fast. The social networking sites are going through changes every now and then to fit the space of internet and place themselves as user-friendly sites. The same can be said for the popular micro-blogging site, Twitter. Recently it announced to launch its major new feature called “Project Lightning” and could be called as “Moments” as of latest details.

Twitter has come all the way from micro-blogging site to the most happening place on the internet. It has proved to a dynamic place for interaction, the proof we can see with the rise in the users including the big corporate and celebrities.

Project Lightning: Follow Live Events, Not Just People

Ideally, Twitter is going to launch this update later this year that will bring event-based (curated by the editors) content to the Twitter platform, where you can follow events and instantly upload photos and videos that can be shared across the websites, social news and entertainment sites. It has also the ability to embed those experiences across the web and even in other apps. Now it seems like this will bring a spectacular change how people experience live events.

According to Twitter’s Kevin Weil, “Project Lightning is a brand new way to look at the tweets, this is a bold way and not evolutionary change”. Twitter is going the newsroom way, delegating experienced editors who will follow the news and identify the best tweets for anyone trying to follow a news story. That implies users won’t have to depend on web journals to discover message/motive from the events Twitter thrives on. They can go right to the source.

Basically, if people are tweeting about something, it becomes an event and when you open one of these events, you’ll be taken to a collection of tweets.

You can likewise “follow” an occasion until its decision; in that case the media from the event will mix in with your normal timeline of events until it is finished. Furthermore, Twitter has said you will have the capacity to install these events over the web and in different applications, or check them regardless of the fact that you don’t have a Twitter account.

FIY- Twitter did not say anything on its plan for the feature, but artificial intelligence can be used to check the most relevant tweets and advertising messages, or to strengthen the spam filter. But it is for sure that whenever it will be live, it will be like a new era for social media networks and digital marketing.

Facebook’s Companion App – Moments Allow to Share Photos Privately with Your Friends

Facebook is getting smarter and knows everything about its users. It keeps on changing its private setting to fit with the ever changing needs of the people and with 1.44 billion active users (Survey, March 2015) it’s going even stronger and keeps coming up with the solutions making the networking site even more user friendly. This is the time of selfies where clicking and uploading the pictures on social media is just another thing to do. With millions sharing their photos daily on Facebook, Instagram and other sites, the vulnerability to the privacy has increased too. But here is the thumbs solution by Facebook in the form of the latest companion app called “Moments”, the new private way to share your pictures with the people you want to.

Facebook Moments
Facebook Moments App

Facebook Moments App

Are you annoyed with friends who click photos of you and say they’ll pass them on, but make it? Then Facebook Moments is for you. It uses facial recognition to send photos to only those friends who are in photos. It is really an amazing feature to look up to when it comes to photo sharing. Get secure about your pictures. The aim of the App Developers team of Facebook is to make the photo sharing even easier, secure and private with friends outside the Facebook network.

How it Works

Sync the photos on your mobile device with Moments app and share it privately with your friends and get the photos you didn’t have. The app arranges the photos date wise as well as album – like groups based on friends who are in your photos and where it has been taken. This app scans your camera roll for all the photos highlighting a friend’s face using facial recognition technology and wraps them up for one-tap private sharing with the specific friends and they can do sync their photos with you. This is how you and your friends have all the photos you took together securely.

  • Keynotes of this Creative App
  • Get the photo sharing easy & private with friends.
  • Keep every one of your photos sorted out in one private place.
  • Sync numerous photographs at a time (no compelling reason to email individual photographs).
  • Easy Search to discover images of you and your friends.
  • Save photographs of other people sync to you on your smartphone/iPhone’s camera roll.
  • Share instantly on Facebook or Instagram, or send in Messenger if you want to.

Currently, this app has been launched in US, on 15th of June 2015 on iOS and Android devices, but the team of developers of Facebook confirmed that they will be available to more countries over time. Get this app now from Google Play Store and Apple Store and share your photos with your loved one and also recover the photos that you would have otherwise lost or would never have got from a busy friend.

Google Introduces Real-time Trends That Gives Minute-by-Minute Trending Search Data with New Homepage

On 17th June, Wednesday 2015, Google brought a new window into our world by unleashing real-time trends. People always want to stay updated about the latest news and current trending topics in the world. And Google Trends has always served the best by showing the highest search topics across various regions of the world, in various languages so far. Google has come up with the faster and comprehensive changes to keep the users updated with the happenings in the Google search.

Google Trends Gets Real-time, Minute-by-Minute

Google wants you to keep up with the hot topic that is taking the internet by a stir and that is why they have revamped the version of Google Trends. Now you can follow a search mania as it happens and track this data over time by selecting any time range within the last week.

You can now check minute-by-minute real time data; ongoing information behind more than 100 billion searches queries that take place on Google consistently. It is about getting more profound on the topics you think about. The real-time data tool also unifies information taken from Google News and YouTube to form trend reports that will change the way media channels deliver reports and researchers stories. ~ Mashable.

As per the updates covered by Search Engine Land, Google is expanding the “broadness and scope” of the information which is following for a more fundamental jump into corner topics in smaller geologies; and, for anybody wanting to do a deeper analysis of trends information, Google distributed data-sets for particular topics on its Github page.

About the Past Updates

Since 2012, Google Trends, represented by Google is used to allure writers to consolidate the information into their reports and stories. And now Google has disclosed the most significant update for Google Trends based on feedback gathered from researchers, journalists and everyday trend-trackers to give everybody a quicker, more intense and more complete data at what’s going ahead in Google Search.

A New Look of Homepage

Google has also redesigned a homepage of Google Trends to show visitors a positioned, ongoing list of trending stories that are picking up the spotlight in Google search while additionally thinking seriously about YouTube and Google News.

Who are the lucky ones?

This real-time Google Trends are especially helpful to columnists/ journalists and researchers in light of the fact that they indicate what people are really inquisitive about and including things which they may feel awkward to discuss on Facebook or Twitter.

By making this update, Google has proved again its popularity in the world. However, Google Trends tool has been available for a long time now, even so by including a real-time element to the mix, Google could ultimately see the vague data tool that sometimes get in the data analysis spotlights.

Keep visiting for getting all time latest technology updates.

Top 6 USB-C Dock Accessories to Fulfill All Your connection Needs That You Wish with MacBook

Gadgets have become the part of our basic needs and have changed our life for good. No doubt they are going to stay and the future lies within. Recently Apple has launched Mac Book with attractive new feature i.e. USB-C port.

USB-C is present in both MacBook and Google’s Chromebook Pixel. USB-C is a small, reversible connector that will probably replace all the current USB connectors out there over the course of the following two years.

Until USB-C is ubiquitous it is a dongle battle for the new MacBook owners.

Here is the list for the early tech adopter from the upcoming USB-C accessories brought to us by OWC

1. Hydradock/OWC USB-C Dock

Hydradock/OWC USB-C Dock
Hydradock/OWC USB-C Dock (Source: mashable)

For the people who need a zillion ports, Hydradock fulfills their all needs. Hydradock adds 11 ports back to the new MacBook.
You get-

  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • an Ethernet port
  • an SDXC card slot
  • a Mini Display Port
  • an HDMI port (1080p output)
  • four USB 3.0 ports
  • two USB 2.0 ports
  • two USB-C ports

And for the bunch left on the Kickstarter, it could cost $129. This 11-port dock is available in silver, gold and gray colors.

2. SanDisk USB flash drive (32GB)

The new MacBook is for users who store each and every document in the cloud, however if you still need to move your files from one device to another locally then SanDisk flash drive is for you. It has two halves:

  • One for USB-C
  • One for general full-sized USB 3.0

So you can easily connect it to your new Mac Book and existing PCs. Priced at $50 for a 32GB, it is an expensive one.

3. LaCie Porsche Design Mobile Drive

USB flash drives are modest, yet they don’t offer a huge amount of storage capacity. LaCie’s Porsche Design Mobile Drive is a slim aluminum case, perfect for document hoarders. It comes in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB models.

4. Jelly Comb adapter

The adapter changes the USB-C port to a USB 3.1 port probably capable of up to 10Gbps data transfers on the new MacBook.

5. Monoprice USB-C cables and adapters

It’s not a smart decision to spend too much on USB cables and adapters. You can go with Monoprice’s generic USB-C cables and adapters which are better than Apple’s expensive ones.

6. Hub+

This is an ideal solution for all your USB-C related problems. It is a small and smart aluminium hub with six ports including two USB-C ports, three full-sized USB ports, and an SDXC card reader. Furthermore, it has a model with a built-in lithium ion battery that can charge phones and tablets spontaneously.

Now with this, iPhone app developers & professional MacBook users can enjoy a user experience without any USB related hassle.