Microsoft Launches Updated Skype for Business App On Windows Phone App!

On 6th July 2015, Microsoft announced the new skype for business app for windows phone 8.1. They have delivered the Skype for Business client for Windows, Business Server, and Business Online in Office 365 during this windows phone app development.

People who are familiar with the Lync app for Windows will surely notice the remarkable changes in the new app. Let’s check what’s new for us.

Skype for Business App On Windows Phone
Skype for Business App On Windows Phone

Brand and UI

The most noticeable improvement is the Skype for Business brand and UI, which is inherent and if you are using the skype for the personal communication then you must be familiar with it.


The new and interesting emoticons, around 100 of them, now will be able to deliver your message with more effect and provide a visual treat.

Improved Server communications

Microsoft has additionally enhanced how the application and the server will handle the conversation notifications. Once you’re informed of another conversation on your mobile, the other clients you have logged in won’t hamper the conversation and stop you from responding on your windows phone.
Windows users are also facilitated with the enhanced security with at-rest data encryption feature in this app which sets your encrypted conversation history and voicemail as default.

Also, your recent conversations are presently synchronized crosswise over devices whether they took place on your PC, tablet or phone, the length of you’re running the most recent server software.

Upgrade Your Window phone Today

If you have a Windows Phone 8.1 and higher but don’t have the Lync 2013 application, you can download the new Skype for Business application in the Windows Store.

In case of you have Windows Phone 8.1 and higher and presently have the Lync 2013 portable application, the new Skype for Business application will replace your current application and tile automatically.
And, if you have Windows Phone 8.0, you will continue to use Lync 2013 or Lync 2010, which remains compatible even if your organization is running the new Skype for Business Server.

Enjoy the very new skype and increase your client relationship through this new Business application for Windows Phone!


Facebook’s Companion App – Moments Allow to Share Photos Privately with Your Friends

Facebook is getting smarter and knows everything about its users. It keeps on changing its private setting to fit with the ever changing needs of the people and with 1.44 billion active users (Survey, March 2015) it’s going even stronger and keeps coming up with the solutions making the networking site even more user friendly. This is the time of selfies where clicking and uploading the pictures on social media is just another thing to do. With millions sharing their photos daily on Facebook, Instagram and other sites, the vulnerability to the privacy has increased too. But here is the thumbs solution by Facebook in the form of the latest companion app called “Moments”, the new private way to share your pictures with the people you want to.

Facebook Moments
Facebook Moments App

Facebook Moments App

Are you annoyed with friends who click photos of you and say they’ll pass them on, but make it? Then Facebook Moments is for you. It uses facial recognition to send photos to only those friends who are in photos. It is really an amazing feature to look up to when it comes to photo sharing. Get secure about your pictures. The aim of the App Developers team of Facebook is to make the photo sharing even easier, secure and private with friends outside the Facebook network.

How it Works

Sync the photos on your mobile device with Moments app and share it privately with your friends and get the photos you didn’t have. The app arranges the photos date wise as well as album – like groups based on friends who are in your photos and where it has been taken. This app scans your camera roll for all the photos highlighting a friend’s face using facial recognition technology and wraps them up for one-tap private sharing with the specific friends and they can do sync their photos with you. This is how you and your friends have all the photos you took together securely.

  • Keynotes of this Creative App
  • Get the photo sharing easy & private with friends.
  • Keep every one of your photos sorted out in one private place.
  • Sync numerous photographs at a time (no compelling reason to email individual photographs).
  • Easy Search to discover images of you and your friends.
  • Save photographs of other people sync to you on your smartphone/iPhone’s camera roll.
  • Share instantly on Facebook or Instagram, or send in Messenger if you want to.

Currently, this app has been launched in US, on 15th of June 2015 on iOS and Android devices, but the team of developers of Facebook confirmed that they will be available to more countries over time. Get this app now from Google Play Store and Apple Store and share your photos with your loved one and also recover the photos that you would have otherwise lost or would never have got from a busy friend.

A New Scalable & Productive Programming Language Dart is now on GitHub

With the rise in demand for mobile applications working on different operating systems, the demand for Application developers has increased many-fold in the industry. For skilled app developers there is an opportunity to take their programming career to a new level. Different programming languages are now available and each of them has clear-cut functions.

Recently, Google has moved Dart(open-source, scalable programming language), an opponent to JavaScript, to GitHub (a website which facilitates powerful collaboration, code review, and code management for open source), with an aim to make the working of the Dart community easier.

Now with this, the developers can contribute to the language at Dart’s GitHub page. The Dart SDK now has its own repository, joining the various Dart tools and packages already in their GitHub org. They have moved all the SDK issues to the site and now indicates to GitHub’s issue tracker for the Dart SDK.

Overview of Dart

As we said earlier, ‘Dart is an open-source, scalable programming language, with active libraries and runtimes, for building web, server, and mobile applications.’

Dart which compiles to JavaScript has its own challenges as it not only has to deal with the very prevalent JavaScript but also with the other JavaScript choices, for example, CoffeeScript and TypeScript.

Dart runs in modern web browsers and on the server. Its comprehensive libraries give you lots of choices. As it is used to build amazing apps, it offers a rational and predictable development experience for current web applications. It is exactly the thing we were searching for.

Dart’s tools You might love to know

A variety of tools are available for Dart development, such like DartPad, Dart plugins, Pub package manager, Observatory, Dartium, Dev server. These all tools have their own unique functionalities. You can get Dart Editor and the Dart SDK, both of which incorporate observatory, from the download page.

The useful news is that now you can write Dart apps using any past version of Windows, Linux, or Mac but the Dart development tools do not support Windows XP. This is just a brief information, if you want to know more about it you can read all at its official news website.

Checkout the whole Dart Programming Language page on Github or visit its official website.

Top iOS News: Office iCloud, Wired Ethernet, Duet Display for windows & iPhone Popularity

This week in iOS news, We saw the arrival of a Lightning cable with Ethernet on the flip side, Office got support for working with iCloud, and Duet Display now does Windows. Let’s discuss those features in brief.

Office iCloud

Microsoft published another update to its Office Suite (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Power-point) for iOS in the App Store on iTunes. Every one of the three applications have been redesigned to form 1.9.2 and clients will get some appealing new highlights.

The updates bring Office abilities that adversary those of Windows to iOS. This makes both gadgets, iPads specifically, far better to take to work.

Wired Ethernet

Redpark Ethernet Cable - Wired Ethernet
Redpark Ethernet Cable

Until now, With just a Lightning connector iOS devices can’t be used with networks except over Wi-Fi. But now, using modified version of the common USB, Redpark Ethernet Cable which has the normal RJ45 connector at one end of the 7-foot of CAT5e cabling, and an Apple Lighting connector at the other end.

This cable Cable allows plugging iOS devices into Ethernet ports where people don’t have the ability to use a Wi-Fi connection. Unlikely, The cable cannot be used for charging an iPhone or iPad and available at $89 on web.

Duet Display for Windows PC

Duet Display for Windows PC
Duet Display for Windows PC

Duet Display application now allow iPad work as monitor for a Windows PC. Duet Display is a new application that lets users re purpose old and new iOS gadgets including the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and transform them into helpful second displays for OS X portable PCs and desktops and its accessible for download at this moment.

iPhone Popularity

iPhone still most favorite and selling a phone in the US. “Apple’s phone expanded its lead in a piece of the pie over Samsung by 1 percent, making it the most prevalent phone in the US. This news was ordered by merchant, so Apple’s news with simply the iPhones is huge since most contenders make bunches of distinctive phones” according to comScore.

These update shows the popularity of iPhone and craziness of iOS app developers who always come up with awesome apps for us and these features will give an amazing experience to their users through a unique iOS app development and implementation.

Amazon drones pursue customers utilizing smartphone GPS!

In earlier days, Amazon has been honoured a patent which lays out itemized plans about its automaton conveyance system including how the unmanned flying machine would correspond with one another and explore the best course all alone – including following a client to ensure they get their deliver. Amazon presented its drone patent in September 2014, however the points of interest are just now being distributed by the US Patent and Trademark Office, after it sanction the ideas.

Amazon Prime Air program
Amazon Prime Air program

Amazon drones – Plans & Patent

As per the plan, Amazon’s drones will have the capacity to overhaul their routes continuously. A fake up delivery screen recommends that individuals will have the capacity to browse a mixture of delivery alternatives – from “bring it to me” to assigning their home, work environment or even “my boat” as spots for bundles to be dropped.

Checkout video here –


Drone Will Talk to Each-other

Amazon’s delivery drones will have the capacity to find customers taking into account the sign from their cell phone, and have the capacity to talk with different drones about activity and climate conditions. That is as per the simply uncovered patent that gives public the first significant knowledge into the arrangements behind the Amazon Prime Air program.

Variety of Sizes

The drones will arrive in a mixture of sizes relying upon the span of the request: It’s a sure thing to expect that an automaton conveying a solitary Blu-Ray disc won’t be as extensive as one sent to deliver a box of school reading material. Yet, the drones will likewise be furnished with cams and infrared lights that find arrival places and, if all works out as expected, stay far from people and animals.

“it it is resolved that the route way and/or disappointment way meets with a human and/or different animals, streets, walkways, and so on., the route way may be adjusted to maintain a strategic distance from the people, creatures, streets, walkways,” the patent states.

At last, Amazon plans to work in a cut of airspace over 200 ft (61 m) and underneath 500 ft (152 m). where general aviation begins However, A approved patent does not mean all the arrangements laid out in the filing will be finished as portrayed.

Wahoo Tickr X : The Supreme Workout Wearable For Athletes!

Wahoo Tickr X : The Supreme Workout Wearable For Athletes!

Well, After a happy weekend today I am too much excited to discuss with you about Wahoo Tickr X which is one of the wearable devices I have ever seen especially for the runners(Athletes). Let’s get familiar with is ultimate workout wearable device.

Wahoo Tickr X & How to use it

It is workout tracker from Wahoo Fitness with memory and its built-in memory allows you to train without a phone. If we look at its best features, it captures heart rate, workouts time periods, calorie burn. Thereafter, synchronize them to your phone all updates. It is also captures and analyzes your every move by pairing with the with the Wahoo Fitness App for indoor cycling pedaling rate or also can pair with other popular app of 7 Minute Workout App for a high-intensity journey workout and automatic rep counting.

Indoor Cycling Cadence with Wahoo Fitness App
Indoor Cycling Cadence with Wahoo Fitness App

However, This device is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ dual-band technology, it works with both GPS devices and smartphones. Now you only need one fitness tracker for connecting to all of your training devices. As it is compatible with the most f the popular wearables fitness apps , you only need one fitness tracker for connecting to all of your training devices. This feature makes it an incredible adaptable workout tracker for all of your activities. Let’s have a train free of your smartphone and track your heart rate and fitness status.

Wahoo Tickr X - heart rate
Wahoo Tickr X

Features of Tickr X

Dual Band Technology

Vibration Alerts

Burn & Burst Training Program™

Visible Connection

Additional Running Analytics

Built-In Memory

Indoor Cycling Cadence with Wahoo Fitness App

Running Cadence Measurement

Rep Counting with 7 Minute Workout App

Third Party App Compatibility

Treadmill Mode

Rapid Double Tap Control

Running Smoothness™

Real Time Tracking

– (Source –

Supported Devices


iPhone 4S and newer


All those device which have Bluetooth 4.0 ans Android 4.3

For System requirement information and Android Apps click here.


iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad (3rd gen and newer),


iPod Touch (5th gen)

To read latest review follow this link and to buy this awesome wearable device from its official website and have a look at video of How it works.

This is an of of the best product of the smart wearable app development and devices. If you have any this kind of creative ideas for wearable or BLE app development, share with us here, We make it live.