A New Scalable & Productive Programming Language Dart is now on GitHub

With the rise in demand for mobile applications working on different operating systems, the demand for Application developers has increased many-fold in the industry. For skilled app developers there is an opportunity to take their programming career to a new level. Different programming languages are now available and each of them has clear-cut functions.

Recently, Google has moved Dart(open-source, scalable programming language), an opponent to JavaScript, to GitHub (a website which facilitates powerful collaboration, code review, and code management for open source), with an aim to make the working of the Dart community easier.

Now with this, the developers can contribute to the language at Dart’s GitHub page. The Dart SDK now has its own repository, joining the various Dart tools and packages already in their GitHub org. They have moved all the SDK issues to the site and dartbug.com now indicates to GitHub’s issue tracker for the Dart SDK.

Overview of Dart

As we said earlier, ‘Dart is an open-source, scalable programming language, with active libraries and runtimes, for building web, server, and mobile applications.’

Dart which compiles to JavaScript has its own challenges as it not only has to deal with the very prevalent JavaScript but also with the other JavaScript choices, for example, CoffeeScript and TypeScript.

Dart runs in modern web browsers and on the server. Its comprehensive libraries give you lots of choices. As it is used to build amazing apps, it offers a rational and predictable development experience for current web applications. It is exactly the thing we were searching for.

Dart’s tools You might love to know

A variety of tools are available for Dart development, such like DartPad, Dart plugins, Pub package manager, Observatory, Dartium, Dev server. These all tools have their own unique functionalities. You can get Dart Editor and the Dart SDK, both of which incorporate observatory, from the download page.

The useful news is that now you can write Dart apps using any past version of Windows, Linux, or Mac but the Dart development tools do not support Windows XP. This is just a brief information, if you want to know more about it you can read all at its official news website.

Checkout the whole Dart Programming Language page on Github or visit its official website.


Wahoo Tickr X : The Supreme Workout Wearable For Athletes!

Wahoo Tickr X : The Supreme Workout Wearable For Athletes!

Well, After a happy weekend today I am too much excited to discuss with you about Wahoo Tickr X which is one of the wearable devices I have ever seen especially for the runners(Athletes). Let’s get familiar with is ultimate workout wearable device.

Wahoo Tickr X & How to use it

It is workout tracker from Wahoo Fitness with memory and its built-in memory allows you to train without a phone. If we look at its best features, it captures heart rate, workouts time periods, calorie burn. Thereafter, synchronize them to your phone all updates. It is also captures and analyzes your every move by pairing with the with the Wahoo Fitness App for indoor cycling pedaling rate or also can pair with other popular app of 7 Minute Workout App for a high-intensity journey workout and automatic rep counting.

Indoor Cycling Cadence with Wahoo Fitness App
Indoor Cycling Cadence with Wahoo Fitness App

However, This device is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ dual-band technology, it works with both GPS devices and smartphones. Now you only need one fitness tracker for connecting to all of your training devices. As it is compatible with the most f the popular wearables fitness apps , you only need one fitness tracker for connecting to all of your training devices. This feature makes it an incredible adaptable workout tracker for all of your activities. Let’s have a train free of your smartphone and track your heart rate and fitness status.

Wahoo Tickr X - heart rate
Wahoo Tickr X

Features of Tickr X

Dual Band Technology

Vibration Alerts

Burn & Burst Training Program™

Visible Connection

Additional Running Analytics

Built-In Memory

Indoor Cycling Cadence with Wahoo Fitness App

Running Cadence Measurement

Rep Counting with 7 Minute Workout App

Third Party App Compatibility

Treadmill Mode

Rapid Double Tap Control

Running Smoothness™

Real Time Tracking

– (Source – wahoofitness.com)

Supported Devices


iPhone 4S and newer


All those device which have Bluetooth 4.0 ans Android 4.3

For System requirement information and Android Apps click here.


iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad (3rd gen and newer),


iPod Touch (5th gen)

To read latest review follow this link and to buy this awesome wearable device from its official website and have a look at video of How it works.

This is an of of the best product of the smart wearable app development and devices. If you have any this kind of creative ideas for wearable or BLE app development, share with us here, We make it live.

Reduce Your Stress of Performing Stress Test Using These Automated Testing Tools

There are lot of people who are always keep searching on testing frameworks on iOS and served us useful classes and tools which help us to make easy accessing iOS apps.

Here I am sharing with you few amazing tools which helps you to cut down your stress of performing stress testing for iPhone Apps.

UI AutoMonkey

This tool is simple stress testing script for iOS applications and it runs in UI Automation and Instruments.

How to use it

To add this script , you don’t have to install anything, you just have to copy and paste the script into UI Automation when using device. Whether you already have a workflow set, you can use command line as well. Just Plug and Play!

The complete tool information can be found here or see video.


The another tool, Frank is automated acceptance testing framework for iOS applications. It is based on Cucumber and allows you to write organized text test/acceptance tests/requirements as well as execute against your iOS application.

Have a brief overview of this tool here or see video.

Keep It Functional

This tool is an iOS functional testing framework which allows for simple automation of iOS apps by implementing the accessibility attributes that the OS makes accessible for those with visual disabilities.

It is safe for testing purposes but you can not make it into production code because it may denied your app submission by Apple.

Get here all tips about to use this tool or see video.

Hence, there are plenty of automated testing tools, but above tools are widely used by iOS developers. Stay stress free and use these tools.

Codementor: A Website That Offers Programming Experts for You!

There are times when you spend hours to solve the programming errors. This might be due to bugs, stack overflow, etc. The developers who have been working since a decade might not face problems with such kind of problems, but the ones who are still learning will find it hard to solve the issues in programming.

To avoid such problems, Codementor is a perfect platform to get a quick response for any kind of technical error in the programming. Now, let us see some more interesting faces of Codementor:


What is Codementor?

Codementor is an online firm that gives you a chance to connect directly with over 1,200 skilled developers from Google, Amazon and even O’Reilly book author. You can arrange one-on-on sessions with one of the experts via voice or video chat.

Codementor- Video call

What the experts do at Codementor?

As the expert developers have extensive knowledge about all the programming languages, it hardly takes your time to get your problems solved. Review of the code will be in real-time, so that you can view the changes made the developers on the other side. This will give you an idea where you have gone wrong and what are changes implemented to get the programming right! At the end of the task, the experts are rated with respect to their problem solving abilities, time taken to solve the issue, response etc.

How much do they charge?

The minimum charge for 15 minutes if $10. The rates depend upon the reviews of the developer. Some of them charge as low as $5 and some of the experts, high-rated developers charge $60 for 15 minutes. But if you are looking for quick solutions, it is better to go with an expert for perfect results. This will be worth when you are in a hurry to launch a project and doesn’t have much time to solve the errors in the programming.

How to search an expert? (Say PHP)

The searching process is quite simple and you will get filtered results according the profiles of the programmers. In the below image you can clearly see the search results for PHP developer. You can select any one of them according to your requirement and budget. It is also possible to search in the similar way for Python, WordPress, HTML/CSS, iOS, JavaScript, Ruby etc.

Search on Codementor

Besides solving your problems, the experts are always available for you to train you through their online training program. You can get a free 15 minutes session when you sign-up for a specific program. Then after you need to pay according to the rates listed on the website.

YII web app development is a new trend besides PHP and most of the beginners might not know much about it. Lets Nurture, an IT firm in the UK, has nurtured many website apps through its YII development services. They give you an expert advice and gets your project live when you need the most!