HAPPENINGS IN SAMSUNG WORLD: Roll-up the Sleeves for the Beast!

In this rapidly advancing age, how could technology stay without an advancement ?!
With the mushrooming of so many high-tech companies, we have got wide range of options, especially in case of smartphones and the race between these smartphone manufacturers has opened up a huge market of smart phones and other gadgets to pick from.

Here, in this market of smartphones, Samsung has bagged the top most rank because of its consistency in always standing up to the expectations of its Tech lovers. And Samsung Galaxy Note series has started a new trend of smart phones in the tech world. This year’s release- Galaxy S5 has set new trend and has generated unprecedented enthusiasm among its lovers who are keenly looking forward to its upcoming S series smartphones, just to mention – Galaxy S6 and S7 which will be the upcoming buzz.

Galaxy S5


The galaxy S5 features a 5.3 inch display of super amoled HD type and has a Gorilla glass.
It enjoys protection against dust and scratches. Pretty looks, hot and sensational curves with a TouchWiz user interface


Amazing camera with 13MP rear camera and 2.2MP front facing camera with 1080p shoot capability


Galaxy S5 has a 2GB RAM and 16/32GB of internal memory which is expandable up to 128GB with a micro SD card.

It has a 2.5GHz quad-core processor which gives you a chance to run multiple android apps at a time. Now, that takes a whoop.


Just to take a precise look we gave you the features to tell you that why this series is in the dream-series of many?
Though Galaxy S5 featured a 5.3 inch super amoled display, has a Touchwiz interface and pretty looks, it enjoys an amazing camera with 13MP rear camera and 2.2MP front camera. It runs on 2.5GHz quad core processor and a RAM of 2GB with 16GB of internal memory, can be further expanded to 128GB with a SD card.


That was all you are currently enjoying or can enjoy. But this is not it. After all its Samsung!! who never sits quiet and is always engaged in producing something better than its predecessor. Yes! we are talking about the S6 and S7- the two upcoming revolutionary technologies which have already generated enough enthusiasm in the market and among tech geeks, even when there is no official announcement by the company itself.
Let’s see what these two technologies-to be released in the coming year-have hidden for you…!!

Galaxy S6



Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 will be enjoying the RAM of 4GB which means no more relying on laptop and you can do all your official work anywhere or everywhere just on your smartphone.


They will be having a 32/64 GB memory which is further expandable up to 128GB with a SD card. So now, no more space issues!


Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 will be running on 64bit 3.5 GHz processor with an android 5.0 lollipop version which will be able to run best android apps developed ever.


Both are going to have a 5.3-5.5 inch 3D 4k ultra HD display.


Samsung has planned your future with more clarity!! S6 will be giving you a 21MP camera and S7 will be coming with 30MP camera. So now make your life more memorable with much clarity pictures.


Samsung will be offering you a 3900-4000mAh battery with better charging speed!! We know it would brought a big smile on your face and even a bigger one on those who has an issue with long hours charging period.


Biggest surprise! 5G connectivity has been planned for you this time!!! We know you must be happy as us!

So we assume, we have pumped you up with more excitement and you are waiting more desperately now for these smart phones.

Galaxy S7


Though the company hasn’t announced anything regarding these smart phones, we are relying on speculations for the launching dates of these phones. It would probably go as per its older tradition of launching dates :-

-Galaxy S4 came out in March 2013
– Galaxy S5 was out in march 2014
– Galaxy S6 will be out in Feb. or march of 2015
– Galaxy S7 can’t be expected to be out before last quarter of 2015


It is also based on speculation and prior selling prices. What Samsung is offering can’t be bought in less than Rs. 60000. After all, who sells such features at a cheaper price and this time it is SAMSUNG GALAXY S7.

We know it’s hard but you have to wait but it’s our promise, this wait will bore a sweet fruit which would be worth all you pay – both in terms of patience and money.
Till than stay connected and excited!!


Samsung Gear VR Launched In U.S Today and is Already Out of Stock on AT&T’s official Website!

Samasung’s Gear VR was launched today in the U.S market and guess what? It was out of stock on the official website of AT&T for some time. It seems like Samsung has released limited number if virtual reality and handsets and the wearable freaks have to wait for some more time until the next bunch of pieces are released. Samsung Gear VR was the most awaited wearable of the year. The ones who got them might be the luckiest to experience the virtual reality for the first time ever!

Samsung Gear VR Launched


Astounding features:

After the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Gear VR was unveiled at Samsung Unpacked Episode 2 at Berlin. As it gives 90 degrees of wide angle screen to enjoy the mega screen in front of your eyes, you are sure to enjoy the best time of your life. It can be synchronized only with Note 4 and this might be cut down to the sale of the product. As of now, the limited number of pieces are already sold. By this you can expect the craze in the people to buy Gear VR.


Samsung Gear VR Apps


More apps to come:

It has 17 apps at present and further the app section will have few more apps. Some of the apps are 360 videos, 360 images, Oculus Cinema, Esper, Ikarus, Minotuar Rescue VR etc. As it is the first edition of the headgear, the apps are in limited number. But in future there are many apps to come and the users will have more fun with those additional apps. Health apps for android may also be added in upcoming days to check your health status on a 90 degree wide screen. So get ready to experience wide range of apps on Samsung Gear VR!


The price was expected to be somewhere around $299 but Samsung has cut down the cost for this innovator edition to $199. There are chances that you can get it on Samsung’s official website, go get them now!

Transfer 1GB Within 3 Seconds Using Samsung’s Lightening Fast 60GHz Wi-Fi Technology!

Lightening Speed of Samsung WifiStuck due to low Wi-Fi speed for faster transmissions? Samsung is developing a 60GHz WI-Fi technology, with a speed of 575MB per second to transfer 1GB movie from one device to another within or in 3 seconds. Reports say that it would be the fastest ever Wi-Fi transfer if implemented. Not only file transfers but the HD videos from mobile to LCD TV will not buffer any more. Infact, you can see it as a real-time video.

Samsung WifiA strong answer to Apple?
When it comes to making a mark in the present competitive world, there are many companies coming up with some unique concepts to make their sales better. What could be a better answer than this from Samsung to its competitors?! This Wi-Fi speed is capable of transferring the files with a blink of your eye. The time the technology is out in the market, it will surely increase the sales of the Samsung devices.

Head of Samsung R&D speaks
“Samsung has successfully overcome the barriers to the commercialization of the 60GHz Wi-fi technology,” said Kim Chang Yong, the head of a Samsung R&D centre. He further added that, “New and innovative changes await Samsung’s next-generation devices, while new possibilities have been opened up for the future development of Wifi.”

Converting theory into reality
Samsung previously reported that this technology had a problem to penetrate through walls which was a big issue for the developers at the desk. The 60GHz Wi-Fi technology was just a theory but the developers are nailing out from no where to build this technology. This is going to be 10 times faster than the present Wi-Fi technology. Isn’t it lightening fast?

Samsung Wifi TechnologyLets Nurture, a IT based company company in India and UK has developed some remarkable apps that are faster than any other apps in the Google’s Play Store and Apple’s iTunes Store. If you are looking for a fast loading apps, get a quote now!

Samsung Gear VR: Live An Ultimate Experience of 360° Virtual Reality through Note 4!

When it comes to enjoying the gaming experience or watching a movie, there are only few virtual reality devices out there in the market. Before a year, Oculus collaborated with Samsung to work on a virtual reality device that can run with the help of a smartphone.

After 12 months of persistent efforts put in by the developers of the Samsung and Oculus, ‘Samsung Gear VR‘ powered by Oculus was launched on 3rd September at ‘Unpacked Episode 2’. The enterprise mobility solutions given by the developers of both the companies have made this launch successful.

Samsung Gear VR Oculus

The features of this device are new to all because you might not have experienced a virtual reality through the Note 4. It’s beyond your imagination! With the optical lens in the device you can experience 96° field view in virtual reality. Let us see what’s more special in this device:

Enjoy Smart controls:

When you talk about controlling this device, it is pretty simple. Control the Gear VR by the touch pad on the right corner and the red cursor displayed in the Note 4. There is a ‘Back’ button to navigate. You can also see the volume control buttons on the same side.

Samsung gear vr geek touchpad volume

Feels like a mega screen:

Samsung Gear VR turns into a mega screen when you view it with Note 4. When you watch the movie or play a game, you feel as if you are watching it in 3D surround. It gives you an ultimate viewing experience with 360° virtual reality. The picture quality is in HD and it is 5 times better than the smartphone.

Samsung Oculus VR Apps

Virtual reality apps:

Samsung has joined hands with few brand partners for the app development of Gear VR. The best part about this device is that you can enjoy the VR cinema and VR gaming apps at your best.

The above features make the device an outstanding smart-gear in the present market. Rumors say that this device will be the costliest of all the devices launched at Unpacked Episode 2! Wear the Gear VR and live the virtual reality!