Recap of 2014 for My Tech-Toned Blog!

Hey you all tech freaks, I hope you are doing well. Here’s what I achieved in the last two quarters of 2014. I will be providing the best of technology news as I did in 2014. The traffic that I was able to generate was generated by just sharing the blogs on the social media profiles. If you like my posts and find it useful, you are free to share them on your social media profiles.

Here’s an excerpt:

This blog was viewed about 3,300 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 55 trips to carry that many people. Know which blog it was that went viral within no time by seeing the full report below.

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Nixie: A Wearable That Takes a Flight Off Your Wrist to Click Your Pictures!

Nixie Wristband – A Flying Camera

You might have heard about touch screen wearables, fitness trackers, curved edge phones, etc. But how about a flying wearable that takes your pictures and comes back to your wrist? Nixie, it turns from a wristband to a quad-copter to capture photos and shoot videos in the air. Without any interruptions, the device is capable of shooting every video with immense clarity.

Everything is possible with the kind of technology we have in the present world. Some of the examples are Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S and its fitness trackers which are products of wearable app development. Besides all these, the developers of Nexie have surpassed all the giants in the wearable market. The integration of this wrist band is not complex as the other wearables. The simple design is the best aspect about it.

Nixie: A winner of Intel’s ‘Make it Wearable’ competition:
As a part of the contest for do-it-yourself, Intel’sMake it Wearable‘ winners were announced and the company gave a grand prize of $500,000 to them. It takes some unbelievable pictures and videos from hard-to-reach places. The device is still under development and will take some more time to release in the market. We have already seen the wonders when it was unveiled at Intel’s Make It Wearable contest.

Nixie Flyable and Wearable Camera
Nixie Flyable and Wearable Camera

A new selfie trend to be set:
There are times when you want all your friends to be in a selfie but have to miss someone in the group as the camera doesn’t offer you a wide range to shoot. Nexie, is one such wearable camera that lets you take a wide selfie in the air irrespective of the number of people facing the camera. You can also take a selfie or even shoot video when climbing on a rock with Nexie and this is what next to impossible to do with your smartphone or other wearables.

Nixie Flyable Wearable Camera Quadcopter
Nixie Flyable Wearable Camera Quadcopter

It doesn’t matter where you are standing, with the help of powerful sensors the device detects you and takes a photo in the air. It flies off from your wrist and after capturing the photo of you, it comes back in it’s original position. It also synchronizes with the smartphones for more accessibility. This device has left several people in the world spellbound.

The innovative ideas and the commitment of the team Nexie made it all possible to create such an unbelievable device. If you have such innovative ideas related to iOS or Android App development, Lets Nurture, an IT based firm in the UK, is the best platform to implement them. For more details you can contact us right here!