Inexpensive Fitness Tracker Bands with Loaded Features That Keeps You Healthy

The adage- health is wealth is getting a facelift with the modern times gadgets who are taking the ‘stay healthy, stay fit’ concept a little far. Gadgets are doing wonders in every field and likewise the gadgets in health segment aren’t left behind. From watching your diet to managing your work-out schedule, they are a personal trainer to you. You can choose from a number of fitness gadgets depending upon your current fitness level and needs.

Though some phones as of now help us to be at ease with their features; numerous stand-alone gadgets additionally monitor your sleep patterns and some even advise you about messages and phone calls on your wrist, Fitness Tracker Bands are the best device for people as they measure footsteps, distance covered and calories burned.

Here’s a guide to help you pick the best Fitness Tracker bands (on the basis of the features and affordability)

The Mi Band (Rs.999)


This band was launched by the fastest growing mobile distributor company of China, Xiaomi in July 2014. The Mi Band is a wearable fitness tracker band, but it lacks a display screen at this price, but you can connect it to the Mi Fit app (health related application) which is available for both android and iOS to monitor your physical activity, burnt calories, sleeping pattern and wake up time, it also tracks your walking route using GPS.

You will be facilitated with extra features if you used its handset Xiaomi. The Mi band vibrates just before your morning alarm sets off to wake you softly and buzzes when you have incoming calls. It is useful for an individual who owns a Xiaomi handset and need features loaded gadget at a good rate.

The GetActive Tapp (Rs. 4,999)

The GetActive Tapp
The GetActive Tapp

The Active Tapp gets connected to its corresponding app on a smartphone and an online dashboard. Same like other bands; it also calculates the number of calories burnt and steps. On the web dashboard, you can check the records by day, month and year; add and compete with other GetActive users. The interesting thing is that the service even awards virtual badges for completing fitness milestones. The “badges” make the work goal-oriented and the fact that you can add friends to your profile makes it more alluring. So stay motivated through this your personal health buddy.

The GOQii Band

The GOQii Band
The GOQii Band

GOQii assigns to you a personal trainer who not only discusses your diet plan, fitness goal but also get into the medical history to create a customized fitness regime. They will use your information to achieve your goals through support, learning and inspiration, so be prepared to be in the focus almost all the time.

The band shows steps taken, the distance covered in kilometers and calories burnt. Users are motivated to log details of their rest time, their water intake, and also post photos of the food they’ve consumed. The trained coach will review your information and will suggest required changes in the lifestyle. This band has gained successful reviews from the people who need the motivation to exercise by daily conversations with coaches along with real-world advice. This service is ideal for those who want to change their way of life, however, require steady encouragement and direction.

This band is available at Rs 3,999 for three months and for the whole year, it cost you Rs 11,999.

The TomTom Runner GPS Watch (Rs 12,500)

The TomTom Runner GPS Watch
The TomTom Runner GPS Watch

The TomTom Runner comes with proprietary GPS technology for precise run-routes tracking. It links with the TomTom MySports Connect software on the PC where you need to feed the data as your age, weight, height and gender for accurate data analysis. Furthermore, it brings forth a heart rate monitor that gives you a chance to watch your ticker while you work out.

The Runner comes with different training modes including Goals (where you can enter the distance you want to cover, the total time, or calories you want to burn) and Zones (that calculates your pace, heart rate and more). Users can also sync this device with the TomTom MySports app on their phones. This sporty-looking wristwatch is geared for the serious outdoor fitness enthusiasts, who might perhaps also use the collected data to work along with professional trainers.

So if you are a fitness freak and want to give shape to your fitness goals then choose from the best designs, features and a connected wearable app that is compatible and affordable. Get healthier with the gadgets. These wearable devices are made to be with you, inspire you and get the best out of you as far as fitness is concerned.


Safety Glasses, Vests and Helmets For Construction Industry Using Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has been grabbing a big impression in all kind of commercial enterprise and it will invade the mainstream this year. With the huge success of this technology, app developers will be more likely to boost an innovative concept of apps that could fulfill everyone’s needs. In past days, we have seen a lot of stuff on a usage of wearable technology in Heath, Fitness and even for sports. And now it will be going to change the working methods in Construction Industry through Safety Glasses, Vests and Helmets by well-known construction industries. Let’s have an overview of this gadgets

Safety Glasses, Vests and Helmets
Safety Glasses, Vests and Helmets

Smart Safety Glasses by XOEye Technologies

This safety glassed made by XOEye Technologies which gives a live feed from the workers is transmitted back to a command center, where an experienced person provides instant advice to solve problems during the job. These glasses also help bridge the gap in skills and quickly fix problems as they occur in absence of most skilled workers at their premise through a Bluetooth connection to their phone, the fieldworkers transfer a live video feed of their actions back to the command center. A serviceman watches and gives further instruction.

Special Safety vests and helmets

The students at Virginia Tech College of Engineering are researching and working on developing safety helmets that can monitor the wearers’ blood gas engorgement levels to make sure the wearer is safe from noxious sears through Temperature sensors.

At other side, the wearable devices developers of Human Condition are working on special safety vests that could increase workplace safety. They are likely to use sensors in an airbag collar in the vest to protect from a fall. Using GPS, they will track location information in case of an accident and save them.

It seems clearly how the technology is growing up day by day as wearable are being developed for specifically for construction kind of field. It would be really great if construction industry will adopt this technology as developers have a lot of possibilities to serve you in terms of an app, website, BLE based devices and many more.

If you are looking for any this kind of wearable device or app development, connect with one of the best Wearable Application Development providers and secure your life.

A New sci-fi patents of Google & Apple For sleep deprived and forgetful drivers!

Yesterday, Google and Apple have been tie up and granted patents for products intend for the sweet dreams and lost cars. These Patents will help those people who love to sleep and also who forgotten about where they parked their car.

Google and Apples have been tie up and granted patents for products
Google and Apple have been tie up and granted patents for products

Google’s sci-fi future Patent

Using Google’s sci-fi future patent, this will work on your alarm clock. In this , your alarm clock’s volume will alter automatically based on how deeply you are sleeping by tracking using adaptive wearable device for controlling an alarm based on user sleep state on your Apple watch and nightwear.

By placing a wearable device to the user’s wrist, in a pocket or in a user’s clothing like belt, nightwear etc. through sensors detects physiological or environmental factors such as, body movements, respiration, heart, pulse rate,, eye movements and ambient light.

It work on three condition as below:

1. If the user is drowsing, the alarm is actuated in a typical manner.

2. If the user is astir, the alarm is hushed-up.

3. And If the user is neither drowsy nor fully awakened, the alarm is altered to provide an suitable level of activation.

Apple’s sci-fi future Patent

Apple has also jumped with a vision of tracking parked car without being asked through phone app. The phone app will remembers where you park your car and help you to find your car come after a extended approving.

This patent works for vehicle location in weak location signal premises like unreliable or unavailable GPS or other cell signals areas. Whether your GPS or other location technology is working or not, A mobile device can determine when a vehicle location in which the mobile device is located has entered in to parked zone through the first location technology as supplemented with sensor data of mobile.

Apple has said that this method could come in convenient in parking zones and underground garages where smartphone signals may not available.

Let’s hope these Google & Apple Patents will be available to us soon. For more update regarding wearable device apps or apple news stay tuned here.

Apple Watch User Manual is Now Online!

Apple has currently published its Apple Watch User Manual, as user start to get their Watches. The user manual provides as a complement towards Watch, instructing users how to understand user interface and access numerous characteristics. The guide includes each of the local first party Apple Watch application along with basic UI principles.

Apple-Watch-User-ManualThere is also a segment upon integrating the Apple Watch that will show valuable while Watches begin distributed into customer’s hand. Additionally there is info on the way to correctly take care and clean up the Apple Watch bands.

Here are several exciting tidbits:

  • Pairing occurs by simply showing a particular image on the Watch initially and taking a image of the display using Apple Watch partner app on the iPhone. This is basically a modern QR code program.
  • There are 7 status symbols that could appear at the top of an Apple Watch. These will exhibit in case completely new notifications are available, if the Apple Watch is locked, if the device is charging, if Airplane Mode is active, if Do Not Disturb is enabled, if the connection to the iPhone has been lost or if wireless content is loading.
  • The Apple Watch Settings Glance includes a ‘iPhone Ping’ button which causes the paired iPhone to make an audible sound, helping the user find it if it is lost.
  • The User Guide includes a full rundown of the available watch faces. This includes which complications support which faces as well as other customization options.
  • Software updates happen through the Apple Watch app on the iPhone. The updates are sent wirelessly to the device. You can also restore the firmware in the same way.
  • Apple makes a point of informing users what to do if they want to give their Watch to another person. Users should un-pair the Watch from the iPhone and then erase all data. If the Watch is lost or stolen, users should remove all bank cards associated with Apple Pay on the Watch.

Apple usually posts its User Guides as eBooks in the iBookstore but the Apple Watch User Guide is not yet available in that medium. Expect to see it available soon.