Stalky with new features for WhatsApp Messenger!

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How iOS9 will change your iPhone?

Undoubtedly, Apple has carved its own place in the market and with the increase in the ardent Apple fans there is a remarkable growth in the sales. And, now with the recent iOS 9 updates, Apple is finally letting its users test the updates that they have been looking forward for so long.

With iOS 9, there comes an array of designs and colour themes that has not been sighted till now. Though at first when you reboot your phone with the iOS9 it seems like just another update but within few minute you realize that there are tiny changes and as you move further you may find some considerable ones.

Don’t expect big changes that are instantly evident such as complete redesigning or reworking but, yes the following changes, though on small-scale contributes to the big changes in your phone. Well, small things lead to bigger changes, right?

iOS 9
iOS 9

1. Devoted selfie and screenshot folders

iPhone users will be delighted with this change. The smart folder built by Apple will contain the screenshots and photos. There is a committed selfie folder for pictures taken with the front- facing camera, and a different folder for screenshots. Though, Apple isn’t utilizing face recognition programming to sort selfies.

2. One – new font

Not a re-design but a new font, everywhere. Apple have broken free of the Swiss typeface dominion , using their own ‘San Francisco font’ for the operating system, which is inherited from the Apple Watch, where it was built for greater readability on the tiny screen.

3. A new Aggregated Apple News App

The only time most of us have opened the Newsstand app was when we clicked on it accidentally, but Apple News wants to change this. The Flipboard-esque news curator will learn and cater to a user’s tastes and preferences.

4. Low power mode

Evidently, almost all the mobile devices manufacturing companies provide ‘low power mode’ that help the users retain the battery for longer when the instant charging facility is not available. Apple’s power mode does a better job as it not only dims the brightness but also impedes the processor so that the users can use the phone for longer, also, it will obstruct background app refreshing and mail fetching making the phone works a little slower, giving you the feel of 5 in iPhone 5s and 5s in iPhone 6 but it will not become dead and that’s a good news!

5. Lowercase keyboard

Another small but drastic change is that the iPhone keyboard now indicates lowercase letters when you’re in lowercase mode and capital letters when you’re in it. No more getting annoyed by keeping on tapping the shift button trying to know which case you are working in. A welcome change for everyone!

6. Security gets Stronger

Recently, Apple has come up with the changes in lock screen security password system. They have launched two-factor authentication which help users to save their lost accounts details if has been compromised. It means that when one uses an Apple ID on one device, their primary device has to authorize that. Now it is an opportunity to check your memories because the four-digit password is being booted off and replaced with a six-digit number. Also, one can use a four-digit numeric code, a custom six-digit numeric code, or a custom alphanumeric code whatever sounds the best to a user.

7. A New App Switcher

This is the one of the biggest changes in iOS9 that you will encounter the time you double press the home button. Say goodbye to the 2D row of application previews and welcome the 3D stack of apps which reminds of a whole lot of the old Windows 7 alt-tab screen. This change doesn’t make app switching any better but, of course, makes it more presentable.

8. You iPhone will be Multi-tasking

Similar like an Android, iOS 9 will offer ways for you to work in two applications at the same time as on iPads. There is at last an approach to see applications in split screen, proceed with video calling while you browse different applications and switch between open applications all the more, effortlessly.

9. Back to Search Option

It is a bit frustrating that whenever we open a link on Facebook in Safari or another browser, and when need to go back and comment but lose the original post or open app leads to another one but not to the actual post, well, forget this annoying thing now. iOS9 provides users with a status bar reminder/button of however you got to wherever you are, facilitating your move to the original app.

10. No Need of third-party Transit Apps

Apple is at lastly adding travel directions to its local maps application in numerous urban areas in the U.S. and abroad. In iOS9, the updated Apple Maps show all subway routes, entrances, passageways and gives a list of timetables for trains, buses, metros and ships along with the notifications about deferrals and changes. A “Nearby” feature will indicate companies and points of interests around you.

So, the extended, simple yet fulfilling features of Apple iOS9 which were awaited since long are here and for sure going to appeal to the Apple admirers. Stay tuned for more update on iOS9, Apples News, iPhone App Development etc.

Snapchat Continues to Blocks Jailbreak Users!

Snapchat application still continues to blocks access to users jailbreak. Jailbreak blocks access to its application, demadning them to disable sites that modify functionality tweak the application to access the famous social networking account. To beat those security measures at Snapchat, some users have installed an earlier version of the application which has carried out security measures, thus using aplicatiila and having unrestricted access to the account, but those from Snapchat have “caught” the trick so they have implemented a new security system.


Above alert is displayed to users who have installed a version older than Snapchat available in the App Store, they are forced to install the latest version of the application to gain access to accounts, otherwise it will be used.

Although those in Snapchat have not taken such strong measures to foreclose sites using jailbreak tweak own application, a recent update of the Phantom’s tweak seems to have generated anger against the American company who “frees” terminals. Of course, these security measures can be eliminated through the Cydia tweaks, but those from Snapchat then other methods will seek to implement them to continue to ban access to social networking, so it will be interesting to see how the situation will acquire.

Apple iCar: Fiat-Chrysler manager switches for Project Titan to Cupertino

Doug Betts has been working this month in Apple’s suspected electric car team. Previously, Betts was head of global quality control in the Fiat Chrysler Group. The reports the Wall Street Journal. Apple’s car project thus also continues to grow.


What exactly is it about Apple’s Auto-plans can only suspect still. That the iPhone inventor however has anything in this direction in the quiver, confirmed Apple CEO Tim Cook already in 2014. More than one hundred employees embrace the responsible team already. With Dough Betts encounters added another prominent veteran of the automotive industry.

His professional LinkedIn profile Betts has certainly been updated – which Apple probably here an eye had it. Because a lot of information about his new job in Cupertino can be his position description “Operations – Apple Inc.” Do not remove.

Looking at the recent staffing additions changed the from the automotive industry to Cupertino, but it soon becomes clear that Apple Larger hovers as only the software side optimization of Apple carplay. Among the new items in recent times, among other high-ranking employees of Mercedes Benz find. With the electric car manufacturer Tesla to Apple to deliver a true battle for the brightest minds.

Maps for Android Updated, Feature to Track Your Location History!

Google android has come out with yet another dynamic feature in the Google maps “Your Timeline” that will work to keep a track of all the places you have visited. Well, this is though a distinct thing but expected out of the tech-prodigy Google.
They recently made an announcement on this and as usual this is reciprocated with huge applause. No doubts, they never fail to show their love for the innovations.

Google android Feature in the Google maps Your Timeline

The Google has started rolling out the update on the map application on Android, most appropriately on version 9.12, accessible by slide-out navigation drawer.

The tool – “your timeline” will not only help you to remember what you did last Saturday but also keep a track record of all the places you ever visited along with the time! Isn’t it just great?

Geo-location based apps help you to track the location and with this smart feature you can now keep all the record of all the places you ever have been.

It’s understandable that many a times it’s just too difficult to even remember a place you had been just a few days back, forget about a month ago. Thus “Your timeline” is majorly right for the people who would like to keep a track of all the places they went to and simply browse the history, whenever they need to.


  • It shows the places you went to on a given day, month or year along with the specific time.
  • It also displays the wonderful photos that you may have clicked at that particular place at a given date and time.
  • With this feature, you can also get the track of the route you undertook while visiting a certain place.
  • One of the practical features of this tool is that you can also add a personal place, select it on the map and rename it as per your liking.
  • With this tool, you can now get the past history of your fabulous visits to the exotic locations, your family tours and the fun places you ever had been.
  • You can switch between the days with the help of the top action bar or to select the day’s swipe left or right.
  • And, in case you don’t want a location to appear on your timeline then as simple as that, just press the edit button and remove it. The edited information will appear on Google maps whenever you are logged in.
  • Most important, the timeline is not shared with any social media network so you can enjoy the privacy and moreover you are also given the control of the locations your timeline will keep.

The timeline can be seen both in Android mobiles as well as on desktops.

With the great expectation let’s see how this feature excels in its approach and as a record of the Google the updates will take some time to be available in Google Play for android apps and if you are too eager to get it now, you can download the APK via APK mirror now.

Till then keep calm and wait for “your timeline” option to appear on your phone.