Samsung Gear VR Launched In U.S Today and is Already Out of Stock on AT&T’s official Website!

Samasung’s Gear VR was launched today in the U.S market and guess what? It was out of stock on the official website of AT&T for some time. It seems like Samsung has released limited number if virtual reality and handsets and the wearable freaks have to wait for some more time until the next bunch of pieces are released. Samsung Gear VR was the most awaited wearable of the year. The ones who got them might be the luckiest to experience the virtual reality for the first time ever!

Samsung Gear VR Launched


Astounding features:

After the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Gear VR was unveiled at Samsung Unpacked Episode 2 at Berlin. As it gives 90 degrees of wide angle screen to enjoy the mega screen in front of your eyes, you are sure to enjoy the best time of your life. It can be synchronized only with Note 4 and this might be cut down to the sale of the product. As of now, the limited number of pieces are already sold. By this you can expect the craze in the people to buy Gear VR.


Samsung Gear VR Apps


More apps to come:

It has 17 apps at present and further the app section will have few more apps. Some of the apps are 360 videos, 360 images, Oculus Cinema, Esper, Ikarus, Minotuar Rescue VR etc. As it is the first edition of the headgear, the apps are in limited number. But in future there are many apps to come and the users will have more fun with those additional apps. Health apps for android may also be added in upcoming days to check your health status on a 90 degree wide screen. So get ready to experience wide range of apps on Samsung Gear VR!


The price was expected to be somewhere around $299 but Samsung has cut down the cost for this innovator edition to $199. There are chances that you can get it on Samsung’s official website, go get them now!


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